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The Christmas Invasion

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What's Past Is Prologue

Rose and Mickey carry the Doctor, Jackie trailing behind and dropping shopping bags. Mickey asks if Rose can fly the TARDIS. "Not anymore, no. It's sort of been wiped out of my head, like it's forbidden? Try that again and I think the Universe rips in half." Mickey's like, "So no." Yeah. Rose, pissed, is like, "And so now we sit here and rot, with no options." Jackie offers them tea, and Rose bitches at her, and Jackie just laughs at her and goes to gather the rest of the food. "Tea," says Mickey. "Like we're having a picnic while the world comes to an end. Very British." Even Mickey can complete this circuit! And -- spoiler! -- it's he who will. Mickey and Jackie got Rose into the TARDIS last season, and Mickey and Jackie will save the Doctor this week the way that the mundane is always a welcome refuge in interesting times. Mickey asks how the TARDIS TV is tuned, see if they can find out the news. "Maybe we've surrendered," he says. Rose snaps that she doesn't know how to operate anything: "Sorta tunes itself." One or both of them, fumbling about, manages to set off a bleeping.

On the Sycorax ship, Caliban hears the TARDIS and gets mad. Alex: "The noise -- the bleeping -- they say it's machinery, foreign machinery. They're accusing us of hiding it. Conspiring. 'Bring it on board.'"

Down on the ground, Jackie heads out of the flat with some more bags; the TARDIS disappears in front of her, like Jack back at the Gamestation. She stares up, terrified.

Mickey and Rose listen to the TARDIS bleeping. Mickey thinks it might be a distress signal, which I guess it is; Rose is like, "BFD." He asks if she's going to be a misery all the time now, and she admits that she probably is. It's funny. "You should look at it from my point of view," says Mickey, in another indefinably irritating line reading, "stuck in here with your mum's cooking." The way Mickey talked was not this irritating last year. He's shaded his accent with some West Indies stuff that was way quieter last season, and it's driving me nuts because it makes his tongue thick and it sounds even dumber than the character actually is. Reminded of her crazy mother but not having noticed that they've been teleported aboard an alien craft, Rose is like...hey. She goes out to help Jackie -- "might start raining missiles out there" -- and Mickey says he'd prefer it if they got food in cans, so he doesn't actually have to eat the prenominate cooking. "Why don't you tell her yourself?" He's not that brave, he says. Rose smiles and winks at him, remembering how he faced down the Christmas tree with nothing but an unfinished IKEA stool. They smile sweetly at each other, and she heads out into the Estates.

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