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What's Past Is Prologue

Only it's not the Estates, it's the Sycorax vessel. They grab Rose and she screams; Mickey comes charging out after a moment and drops the tea thermos on the grill, close to the Doctor's head. It leaks down onto a power cell beneath his head and begins to steam. Outside, Harriet and Rose run to each other, clutching. "Rose! I've got you. My Lord. My precious thing. The Doctor, is he with you?" Rose's voice shakes and she says that, for all intents and purposes, "No. We're all on our own." The steaming tea rises beneath the Doctor's lovely sleeping head, and he breathes in a cloud of it; a little more God slips out. A little more normal gets in.

Caliban points at Rose, hissing: "The yellow girl. She has the clever blue box. Therefore, she speaks for your planet." Harriet disagrees, saying Rose "can't," but Rose disagrees with Harriet, staring Caliban down. Mickey cautions Rose, but she shakes her head tinily: "Someone's gotta be the Doctor." Harriet grabs her: "They'll kill you!" And Rose isn't wrong: "Never stopped him." She's breathing in what he's breathing out, and that's what closes the circuit: he needs a cup of tea, she needs a cup or two of awesome. And they'll meet in the middle.

Rose takes a few steps toward the leader; the Unkindness all mutter excitedly. Rose stammers and goes through her words: "I, um...I address the Sycorax according to...article fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation. I command you to leave this world with all the auffority of the Sliveen Parliament of Raxacoricofallapatorius" -- which she totally rocks, by the way, and it's awesome -- "And um...the Gelf Confederacy..." Caliban steps toward Rose; she gets more nervous. "As, uh...sanctioned by the Mighty Jagrafess...and...Oh! The Daleks! Now, leave this planet in peace! In peace..." She trails off -- it's the Doctor who gives her the information, always; they're just words and infinity she's borrowing. There is stunned silence, and then the Unkindness burst out laughing. Caliban speaks again. "You are very, very funny," says Alex. "And now you're going to die." See, now that's funny.

Harriet and Mickey step forward to protect her, shouting, and are restrained by the Sycorax. "Did you think you were clever, with your stolen words?" Stolen words, stolen blood: she tried to make a spell against them, and she failed. Caliban speaks passionately, poetic: they are the Sycorax. They rock. They ride astride the darkness. "Next to us you are but a wailing child," he hisses at her. "If you are the best your planet can offer as a champion, then your world will be gutted..." Caliban and Alex begin to sound very much alike; Caliban has begun speaking English. "...And your people enslaved." Alex notices the English; Harriet and Rose are both like, "Hey!" Caliban is insulted. "I would never dirty my tongue with your primitive bile!" But his profit on't is, he knows how to curse. Red plague rid them, for learning him their language! Rose points in his face, accusing; she turns to Harriet, Mickey, and Alex. They all nod, and Caliban begins to wig out. "I speak only Sycoraxic!" he says, in English. Rose puts it together: "If I can hear English, then it's being translated. Which means it's working. Which means..." She turns slowly around to look at the TARDIS; Mickey and Harriet follow suit; the camera zooms past them all...

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