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What's Past Is Prologue

"Prime Minister, is it true you are no longer fit to be in position?" No, not true. I only went on TV begging for medical help and then went paranoid crazy on my right-hand man. "Now, can we talk about other things?" The glasses that the Doctor is wearing are very excellent indeed: thick rims, perfect for his pointy, weird little face. "Is it true you're unfit for office?" (Bwuh? Like she's gonna be all, "Good point!") She begins to shout and act crazy some more: "Look, there is nothing wrong with my health! I don't know where these stories are coming from! A vote of no completely unjustified!" As the phone rings, the reporters ask if she'll be resigning; she's confused and getting angrier. "On today of all days, I'm fine. Look at me, I'm fine. I look fine, I feel fine."

Jackie says that Beth just called; they have to go outside to see something. She drags them all out with her, into what appears to be a Christmas snow.Everyone laughs, delighted. Overhead, there are shooting stars. The Doctor and Rose murmur softly. "That's beautiful. What are they, meteors?" The Doctor shakes his head. No second chances. "It's the spaceship breaking up in the atmosphere. This isn't snow, it's ash." Rose makes a yuck face. That very gross! "Okay, not so beautiful." The Doctor holds out a hand: "This is a brand-new planet Earth. No denying the existence of aliens now; everyone saw it. Everything's new." Rose won't meet his eye. "And what about you? What are you gonna do next?" The Doctor looks down at her, ashes in his hair. "Well, back to the TARDIS...Same old life..." Rose hesitates, jumpy: "On your own?" And he knits his brow: "Don't you wanna come?" Well, yeah. "Do you, though?" "Yeah," she says, more insistently. The Doctor just thought, since he'd changed...Oh my God just get it over with. Nope: "Yeah, I thought, because you changed you might not want me anymore." He shakes his head, happily: "Oh, I'd love you to come!" They smile at each other like idiots for a million years, and it is good. Mickey ensuckifies them: "You're never gonna stay, are you?" So I guess he's seen the show, then. They look back and try to maneuver out of his suck force field: "There's just so much out there. So much to see...I've got to." And points to Mickey for getting it, and all, and nodding and saying "yeah," but...either Mickey had a stroke, or this is just the show's way of reminding us how it works: at home, there's Jackie and Mickey. Out there, there's the Doctor. And the whole show, up to this point, has really been about Rose's attempts to negotiate that, and to draw the lines of responsibility for herself. To keep from just being a Wendy, and keep from becoming a Lost Boy her own self.

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