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The Christmas Invasion

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What's Past Is Prologue

Jackie's like, "You are both crazy." And the Doctor throws his arms around her: "Trouble's just the bits in-between!" He tells Jackie that it's all going to be brand-new to him, since he's not seen those planets, creatures, horizons with these eyes. Giving the lie to this statement, the Doctor turns to Rose: "And it is gonna be...fantastic." But it makes Rose smile, and he reaches out to her with Fightin' Hand. She's like, "Still creepy!" and he wiggles his fingers at her. Cute. She finally takes his hand, and they look up at the sky; she brushes ash from his jacket. "So, where're we gonna go first?" He points at a very specific place in the sky. "Um...that way. No, hold on...That way." A bit to the right. She points in the same direction: "That way?" He looks at her, with an eyebrow, and she nods. "Yeah," she says softly. "That way." They smile at each other, all alone in the universe together, and then look up, hand in hand, past the ashes and the broken burning stone, and straight on into the stars. Until morning.

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