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The Curse Of The Black Spot

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Intergalactic "Talk Like a Pirate" Day

Out in space, Henry's sitting at the alien ship's controls, Moppet in the copilot's seat. They aim for Sirius as adventurous pirate music plays. The other pirates join them in the cockpit and gaze out at the field of stars before them. Nobody has a heart attack or poops themselves or anything. They just smile like everything's totally cool and normal. I'm from the 21st century and I'd most definitely plotz. These 17th century ruffians are being way too calm about the whole thing. Maybe they're still anesthetized from the Siren's song. Also, why are they there? Most of them just had tiny cuts.

Back on the TARDIS, Amy's congratulating herself on her stint as a pirate, while Rory's impressed with her nursing. They head up the stairs together. "Goodnight, Doctor," Amy says. "Goodnight, Amelia," he says from the console. She narrows her eyes at him. "You only call me Amelia when you're worrying about me." "I always worry about you," he non-answers. Amy flashes back to the day his future self is killed by the Impossible Astronaut. She's worried about him, too. The Doctor tells her to get to bed. Rory whispers to Amy that they can't tell the Doctor about his future. The Doctor fiddles with the controls and pretends not to notice that they're really obviously talking about him. As they finally leave, the Doctor frowns over the monitor. Amy's body scan shows her alternately pregnant and not pregnant in rapid succession. "Oh, Amelia," the Doctor sighs.

So that's it for my retro-recap. Now that the time streams have been sorted out, I'll be back with the current week's recap, providing I don't get abducted by space pirates in the meantime.

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