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The Curse Of The Black Spot

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Intergalactic "Talk Like a Pirate" Day

Every time Amy tries to free Rory, Dr. Siren shrieks at her. "She's keeping them alive but she doesn't know how to heal them," the Doctor says. They try to reason with Dr. Siren, but she just stares at them with dead eyes. A tear rolls down Amy's cheek. This somehow breaks through to Dr. Siren, who holds her hand out to Amy. A golden ring of light appears around her hand. "A consent form," the Doctor whispers. He tells Amy to put her hand in the light. She does and Dr. Siren blinks out of view. The instant they switch the machinery off Rory's bed, he starts convulsing and gasping for air. "He'll die if you take him out," Henry says with an understanding he shouldn't have. So they switch the thing on and he goes stills. Amy wakes him gently and explains the situation. Apparently, since he was in mid-drown when Dr. Siren nabbed him, he'll continue drowning if they disconnect him. What kind of shitty doctor is this Siren? She can't even do CPR? So basically he can lie there forever and let the Siren kinda-sorta take care of him or he can get up and risk dying. He thinks about it for a second. "I'm a nurse," he says, in case anyone forgot. "I can teach you how to save me." Amy gets a bit panicky at that. What if she does it wrong? What if he doesn't come back to life? Tears stream down her cheeks. "What about him?" she asks, looking at the Doctor. "I mean, why do I have to be the one? Why do I have to save you?" "Because I know you'll never give up," Rory says. Aw.

While Rory gives Amy a quick lesson in CPR, the Doctor goes to Henry. "We have to get this ship back into space," he says. He doesn't want Dr. Siren getting out into the general population with her crap medical treatments. He's not asking the sea captain for advice, but to break it to him that Moppet won't be able to leave. Without the ship, he'll die of typhoid fever. Henry decides to stay with his son. "You think you can sail this thing?" the Doctor asks. "Just point me to the 'atom accelerator,'" the Captain says with a smile. Supposing they don't crash into the first asteroid they come across, unleashing a crew of murderous pirates on the universe hardly seems wise. But the Doctor seems pretty cool with the plan, so whatever.

Rory's giving a few last words of encouragement to Amy. "I know you can do this," he says. "Of course, if you muck it up, I'll be really cross... and dead." The Doctor joins her and together they take him off the machines and drag him into the TARDIS. As soon as he's flat on the floor, Amy gets to work on him. She presses on his chest and breathes into his mouth, but she doesn't hold his nose shut so all the air's probably just whooshing right out of his nostrils. The Doctor kneels beside them and begs Rory not to give up. Amy cries. "He trusted me to save him," she wails. The Doctor makes her keep on going. She does more chest compressions, her hair swinging with the effort. She pushes and breathes and pushes some more, but Rory remains unresponsive. Maybe they should think about getting some kind of crash cart for the TARDIS. Amy keeps on trying for a while, even as the Doctor looks on without hope. Amy eventually realizes it's not working. On her last breath, she breaks down sobbing, her lips against Rory's. She sits back, defeated, as dramatic music swells. So much for never giving up. The Doctor places a consoling hand on her shoulder. It's all very sad and emotional and then Rory gurgles and coughs and gasps for breath. "Amy, you did it, you did it," he says. She laughs and cries and hugs him while the Doctor stands by, hands on his hips, smiling at them.

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