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The Spirit Of The Blitz

Rose, still grinning, stops scooting around the room in her wheelchair and stands to turn the music up. The Doctor looks around, freaked. I would have liked a shot of Nancy here, cutting through the wire again. Rose walks slowly forward, jokey-flirty, and the Doctor turns back to the wall. "You've got the moves?" she says, holding out her arms. "Show me your moves." "Rose, I'm trying to resonate concrete," he says quite busily. Dude, Moffat can retire after that line! So good! "Captain Jack'll be back, he'll get us out. So come on: the world doesn't end because the Doctor dances." This is the second time modus tollens/modus ponens has come up in the last three days. Why? "The world doesn't end" when/just because "the Doctor dances." But also, and better: the world doesn't end because the Doctor dances.

The Doctor takes Rose's hands, romantic for a moment, Rose, looking up at him -- considering a digital rewind on this particular barbed wire, if it means they lose something -- and then turns them over. The Doctor: "Barrage balloon?" She has no idea; she's not got the experience the Doctor has, in what's meant to heal turning out to hurt. In healing something, and thereby ending the world. The Doctor: "You were hanging from a barrage balloon." Rose remembers -- doesn't even have the sense to be ashamed -- that she fell into a bit of trouble "about two minutes after" he left her. (At least she phrases it as his fuckup, though.) "Thousands of feet above London -- middle of a German air raid -- Union Jack all over my chest." And, knowing history as we do, doesn't that make her a reminder? An angel of pride and what happens next? The Doctor tells Rose that she's setting "new records for jeopardy-friendly," companion-wise, and continues to examine her hands. Rose quips, "Is this you dancing? Because I've got notes." He shakes his head at her and turns her hands over for her: "Not a cut, not a bruise." The Doctor smiles, as she tells him the story about the nanogenes: "We're calling him Captain Jack now, are we?" And she protests that he's a captain and his name is Jack, and the Doctor sweetly reminds her, "He's not really a captain, Rose." She gets indignant, a little: "D'you know what I fink? I fink you're experiencing Captain envy." The Doctor nearly nods. Duh. They begin to dance. Rose: "You'll find your feet at the end of your legs. You may care to move them." Rose is so cool. She and the Doctor are close in tight, dancing, hushed talking. "If he ever was a captain, he's been defrocked," the Doctor adds. "...Yeah?" she grins. "Shame I missed that." Word.

"Actually, I quit," says Captain Jack. "Nobody takes my frock." The Doctor and Rose look up, shocked, and find themselves on Jack's ship, standing apart now. "Most people notice when they've been teleported," Captain Jack laughs, and calls them "so sweet." He apologizes for the delay, saying that he had to power down navcom to override the teleporter's security function. "...Spend ten minutes overriding your own protocols? Maybe you should remember whose ship it is," says the Doctor lightly. Jack smiles: "Oh, I do. She was gorgeous." Rose smiles, back in her crush, saved from all that dancing. "Like I told her: be back in five minutes," says Jack, ducking down into another compartment to futz around. The Doctor notices it's a Chula ship -- like the medical transport Jack noted, but Jack lets the Doctor know that "this one is dangerous." Jack doesn't get it either, how you can hurt by helping. The Doctor snaps his fingers, summoning the nanogenes that fixed Rose's hands, and fills in their name for her. The Doctor: "Nanobots? Nanogenes. Sub-atomic robots. There's millions of them in here, see? Burned my hand on the console when we landed -- all better now. They activate when the bulkhead's sealed. Check you out for damage, fix any physical flaws." Rose beams, and the Doctor makes the nanogenes do tricks and disappear. The Doctor turns to Jack: "Take us to the crash site. I need to see your space-junk." WORD. Jack's like, "Ugh, chill, let me put the navcom back online," and tells them to carry on with "whatever it was" they were doing when he grabbed them. "We were talking about dancing!" the Doctor snits. "It didn't look like talking," says Jack, and Rose looks at the Doctor: "Didn't feel like dancing."

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