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Treebeard's Christmas Vacation

And wouldn't you know it, Madge shows up at the lighthouse. The woman who can't drive a car or a bike without incident and who's only been in an airplane once has successfully maneuvered a giant robotic platform to rescue her children. She crashes then races into the lighthouse, her coat sizzling from the acid rain. She runs up to the dome and hugs her boy and girl, lovingly scolding them about leaving the house. "Something like this was bound to happen!" The tree queen places the circlet on Madge's head. She takes her place in the throne. The souls of the forest converge on the dome and sparkle their way into Madge's relay/crown. "Oh, this is marvelous," Madge says. "This is really quite wonderful!" The circlet disappears. The Doctor gapes and flails. The tree queen touches Madge and says, "She is strong." The Doctor is miffed again until he talks himself into realizing the forest needed a woman. More importantly, it needed a mother. "How else does nature ever travel? The mothership!" Ugh. Ugh! So awful! Moving on.

The dome lifts off the lighthouse and Madge steers it into the time vortex. The tree queen tells them to get back to their home, Madge must think. The Doctor tells her to think of home. More than just picturing it, she has to feel it. "Everything you miss about home till you can't bear it, till you almost burst." She reaches into her coat pocket for the telegram and clutches it to her heart. Her thoughts flash on the dome's window. She pictures her husband holding their infant children, scenes of daily life. The Doctor tells her to concentrate on her husband. They met because he kept following her home from work. "He said he'd keep on following me till I married him!" It seemed romantic because she didn't know about stalkers yet. Things turn dark when she pictures the night he died. "I don't want to see him die!" she cries. Her kids are like, "Wait, what?" The different times merge and Mr. Arwell sees the light of the dome ahead of him as he struggles with his plane over the Channel.

Everything fades out and Madge comes to after the dome has landed. The tree people are now just inanimate wood and the forest has left Madge. The Doctor explains, "The life force of the whole forest has transmuted itself into a sub-etheric wave band of light..." He trails off when Madge stares blankly at him. "The souls of the trees are out among the stars, and they're shining and very happy." They've landed on the lawn of Uncle Digby's house. Madge moves to hug Lily and Cyril, but they draw back, upset about their father. As Madge prepares to explain to them what happened, the Doctor steps outside to give them their privacy. Madge explains that their father was flying on a moonless night and his damaged instruments couldn't guide him home. "Because it was so cloudy, there were no stars to light his way," Madge says. A few moments later, the Doctor pops back in, all happiness, telling them to come down for a look.

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