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Finally, A Crossover With House!

The Doctor and Sexy fly through the void, towards our universe. Sexy notes that the people on the real TARDIS will have to lower the shields or they won't be able to get aboard. The Doctor asks if she can get a message to Amy, using the telepathic circuits. Sexy: "Which one's Amy? The pretty one?" And then she beams a telepathic message to Rory. Well, she's got taste, I'll give her that. In his mind, Rory sees Sexy's face. She calls him "pretty" and tells him to go to the old control room and lower the shields. The Doctor sticks his face in the frame and can't believe that Sexy picked Rory as the pretty one. She tells Rory she'll give him the route to the old control room and that she'll send him the passkey when he gets there. And she even wishes him luck. I think someone has a crush. The Doctor asks Sexy how they'll lower the shields, since House must be in the control room. She tells him she sent him to an old control room. Even though he doesn't know they're there, she's archived all of them. All thirty of them. Even though he's only changed the control room about a dozen times. Because she's archived all of the control rooms that will come in the future, see?

Rory and Amy are running along, when Amy is suddenly in a dark corridor. Rory can see her fine, but to her everything looks dark as night. Rory sees a glowing light around the corner and walks towards it. She hears him cry out, and then hears his voice telling her that everything is fine and that she should walk towards the sound of his voice. As she stumbles down the hallway, we see her feet walk past Rory, lying unconscious on the floor. And then she reaches out her hand and finds her fingers entangled in Nephew's chin tentacles. She screams, the lights come on, and Rory pulls her off in another direction. Commercials.

The Doctor and Sexy keep flying. And he calls her sexy, to her delight.

Rory leads Amy down the corridor by her hand, ignoring her protests that she can see fine now. They've reached a door, which happens to be the door to which Sexy gave Rory the directions. And just on cue, she sends Rory a telepathic blast with the passkey. "Crimson. Eleven. Delight. Petrachor." He says it a few times, but it doesn't open the door. Amy remembers that Sexy earlier told them what petrachor meant, which makes her realize that the passkey must be delivered telepathically -- it's the meaning, not the actual words, that matter. Nephew is lumbering around the corner as she has this realization. So Amy thinks the passkey at the door. Crimson is a red flag waving in the wind. Eleven is the eleven candles on her birthday cake. Delight is her wedding day. And petrachor is a drop of rain falling on the dusty ground. And then the door opens, and they're in the control room as it existed for the Tenth Doctor. Amy turns on some lights and Rory drops the shields.

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