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Cut to the Doctor furiously working TARDIS controls, while explaining that the cube is a kind of Time Lord emergency messaging system. Which has got the Doctor very excited, because it means "there's a living Time Lord still out there. And it's one of the good ones." Rory's confused, since the Doctor has stated repeatedly that there are no other Time Lords. The Doctor clarifies that there isn't a single one in the entire universe. Which means this message came from a Time Lord who's not in the universe. The Doctor shows them the Ouroboros imprinted on the side of the cube, explaining that it's the mark of a Time Lord known as the Corsair, who would get it tattooed on himself (or herself) at every regeneration. And then there are sparks flying, and much shouting about how the TARDIS is leaving the universe, which mystifies Amy and Rory. Since this is a television show and not a physics lesson, I'm going to just leave it be. But the Doctor does tell them that to get enough energy for the trip, he's having to delete many of the TARDIS's extra rooms, including the swimming pool and squash court 7. Really, if you tell me that I have to live with only six squash courts, I might as well kill myself.

We get a quick shot of the TARDIS flying through the inky black, away from a long glowing string-like object that must be "the universe," and towards a dismal little planet. With a thud, the TARDIS lands. The Doctor explains that we are, indeed, "outside the universe. Where we've never, ever been." And then, with a slow sucking sound, all the lights go out. The Doctor flips more switches and tells them that all the energy is being drained. Even worse, "the matrix -- the soul of the TARDIS -- just vanished." We hear the deep chord of portentous mystery as the Doctor wonders where the soul of the TARDIS could possibly go. Cut to Idris, slumped over all soulless like, who sits up with a deep gasp before giving off some yellow sparkly bits. She wakes up and stares at her own (still glowing) hands in wonder. Credits, complete with the stupid introduction tacked on by idiots at BBC America.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory emerge from the TARDIS. They've landed in what looks like a hobo camp in the middle of a junkyard. There's even a fire burning in what I can only assume is the alien equivalent of a 50-gallon drum. (Although it looks suspiciously like a washing machine.) There are no lights in the sky, because we're outside the universe. But someone has thoughtfully left a few light sources artfully scattered around the place, so it's not completely dark. Amy asks what the Corsair's message said, and the Doctor tells her, in the hemming and hawing way that tells us that he doesn't really know, that it was a distress call. There's some babble between Rory and the Doctor about how it doesn't make sense for them to be outside the universe, since the universe contains everything in the universe. The Doctor notes that there's lots of rift energy about, so the TARDIS is likely to recharge on its own. He takes a quick survey of conditions -- normal gravity, breathable air, a smell described variously as onions or armpits, and tons of junk that must get sucked through the occasional rift.

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