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Finally, A Crossover With House!

Deep inside the junk pile, Idris is in a makeshift cage. She's muttering to herself about a sad word. Or, in fact, a word that will be sad. You know, that's probably how I sound when I speak French. I bet waiters hear me telling them, "I will have been eating a salad, and used to drink some wine. Thank you."

In another corner of the junk pile, Auntie and Uncle lead the Doctor and friends to a grate in the floor, from which a sickly green light is emanating. Uncle explains that this is where the Doctor can see House. The Doctor looks down and declares that the asteroid is sentient. Auntie is talking about how great it is that House gives them stinky air to breath, when she and Uncle suddenly go dead-eyed and start speaking in a deep, spooky voice. It's the planetoid, and it welcomes the Doctor to... itself, I guess. It also calls the Doctor a Time Lord, telling the Doctor that House has met other Time Lords in the past. House: "Many travelers have come through the rift, like Auntie, and Uncle, and Nephew. I repair them when they break." I just noticed that in the background, Nephew's speech globe is glowing in synch with House's speech, just as Auntie and Uncle's lips are moving. Nice touch. House tells the Doctor that he has met many Time Lords, although none are there at the moment. "But there have been many TARDISes on my back in days gone by." The Doctor tells him not to expect any more, as he's the last Time Lord and his is the last TARDIS. House invites them to stay a while, and (over Rory's dissent) the Doctor accepts the invite, since "it seems like a friendly planet. Literally." He asks Auntie for permission to look around, and she tells him to go wherever he likes. And with a kindly, auntlike gesture, she takes Amy's face in her hands. Which is when we see that one of her hands is a delicate female hand, while the other would look big on a stevedore. So the Doctor and friends take off to wander the planetoid.

Idris, in her cage, is mumbling gibberish to herself. Or at least, it sounds like gibberish to us. And to her, apparently, because she suddenly stops and asks herself why she's saying the things she's saying. And then she grabs the bars of the cage and calls out for her thief to come to her.

Elsewhere in the junk pile, the Doctor hears the cry and shushes Amy and Rory. Rory asks whether they can't please just leave as soon as the TARDIS refuels. The Doctor tells him that he can't leave while he knows there are Time Lords about. Amy reminds him that she knows that he destroyed the Time Lords, but he thinks that if the other Time Lords on the planetoid are like the Corsair, they're worth saving and will understand why he did what he did. Amy: "You want to be forgiven." Doctor: "Don't we all?" Amy nods in acknowledgement and asks how she can help. The Doctor tells her that he left his screwdriver in the TARDIS, and asks her to fetch it. Sounding like a worried teenager's mother, she tells him not to get emotional, since that's when he makes mistakes. And she tosses him her cell phone and says that she'll call from the TARDIS. As she leaves, she tells Rory to look after the Doctor. And then the Doctor tells Rory to look after Amy. Since that's Rory's prime directive, he gives in without a fight and takes off after Amy.

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