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Finally, A Crossover With House!

The Doctor runs away from Idris and gets on the phone to tell Amy and Rory to get the hell out of the TARDIS. But they can't, because the doors are locked. The Doctors tells her that he's unlocked the doors, but they're still locked. It probably has something to do with that noxious swamp gas that is billowing around the outside of the TARDIS, and appears to be getting sucked into the light on top. The Doctor has reached the TARDIS by now, but no amount of shouting or snapping his fingers will get the door to open. As the lights inside the TARDIS dim even further, Amy takes Rory's hand. And then the TARDIS makes its traditional noise and disappears. The Doctor dials Amy on her phone, but can't get through. Doctor, to himself: "I don't know what to do." He gets excited for a second about this new sensation, and then slaps himself in order to focus back on the problem at hand.

On board the TARDIS, Rory tries to reassure Amy that at least they're together. "And we're in the TARDIS, so we're safe." House: "You're half right. I mean, you are in the TARDIS." House has also turned on all the spooky green lights. And then he asks the two of them why he shouldn't just kill them. I would say that it's because if the show kills Rory one more time, it might lose half its audience.

On the planetoid, the Doctor runs into the junk-pile chamber where Idris, Auntie, and Uncle are hanging out. He tells Idris that House left, and they both try to figure out why. And then Auntie and Uncle announce that it's time for them to die. Auntie tells the Doctor that it's his fault -- he told House his was the last TARDIS, so House knew there was no point in sitting around waiting for more to show up. She's sure he's headed off to the Doctor's universe to find more TARDISes. The Doctor reminds her that there are no more to find, but she thinks House will figure something out. And then she flops over, dead. Uncle stands up, announces that he feels fine, and then keels over. And then Idris announces that they need to go to where the TARDIS landed, because they're due to be there in three minutes. As she runs off, she cries out and grasps her side in pain. It seems that her body is also giving out now that House is gone. The Doctor's not too happy at the thought that she's dying, and she tells him not to get emotional. "Hmm, that's what the orange girl says." She tells him to focus. Doctor: "How? I'm a madman with a box without a box." And he's stuck in a junkyard. But then he realizes that it's not a junkyard -- it's a junkyard full of the parts of wrecked TARDISes. He starts to run to where the TARDIS landed, and then thinks to ask Idris her name. Since Idris was actually the person she was before Nephew killed her and her body was taken over by the TARDIS, she doesn't actually know the name Idris. She can't believe he's finally asking after 700 years. Doctor: "What do I call you?" Idris: "You call me sexy." Doctor, whispering: "Only when we're alone." Idris: "We are alone." And so the Doctor resolves to call her Sexy.

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