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Finally, A Crossover With House!

TARDIS. House is thrilled to learn that he's full of corridors. Yeah, but he's only got six squash courts. Loser. He's also still waiting for an answer to his question. Amy looks to Rory for an answer. Rory realizes that House kept Auntie and Uncle around to have people to torture and to entertain him, and he reminds House that killing them quickly wouldn't be very entertaining. House is tickled by that idea, and tells them to run. And they do.

Planetoid. The Doctor and Sexy stand at the peak of a hill and look down at plain littered with the ruins of dozens of TARDISes. Doctor: "Plenty of half-eaten TARDISes. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" But what if the hippo doesn't want its toenails painted, Brain? Sexy: "I'm thinking that my sisters are dead, that they were devoured, and that we are looking at their corpses." That's not quite what the Doctor was thinking. Sexy realizes that he's planning on building a working TARDIS console out of all of these wrecks. "And you don't care that it's impossible." Since Amy and Rory need him, the impossible will be no obstacle. Commercials.

Amy and Rory run down a corridor that has six sides. Oh no, they're on the Galactica! Wait, sorry, wrong fictional universe again. Actually, they did a great job of making these corridors look very much like they did on classic Who. It's a nice touch. House tells them that he's enjoying the feeling of them running around inside of him. Dirty! They approach a pit that might just be a vertical corridor and almost fall in, because House has turned off the anti-gravity. So they climb around the outside of the pit and keep running.

Planetoid. The Doctor and Sexy bicker while they assemble TARDIS pieces. She accuses him of never reading instructions, and asks him what the sign on the door of the TARDIS says. He tells her it says, "Pull to open," and she points out that he always pushes. They fight some more, and he accuses her of not being very reliable: "You didn't always take me where I wanted to go." Sexy: "No, but I always took you where you needed to go." And then he gets excited about being able to speak with her, and wishes he could even when she's in a box and not a human body. But she can't, since she exists across all of space and time. Plus, he talks too much for her to ever get a word in edgewise. She stumbles again, and tells him that one of her kidneys has already failed. She has about eighteen minutes to live, and the universe they're in has about three hours until it reaches absolute zero. So I guess House was keeping it warm? By... metabolizing rift energy? Sure, let's go with that. With time at a premium, they get back to work.

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