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Finally, A Crossover With House!

See Amy run. Run, Amy, run! See the door close between Amy and Rory. Pound on the door, Rory! They each try to open the door from their own side. And then Amy hears Rory calling out to her from further down the corridor. She runs towards the sound and sees Rory sitting on the ground. He's pissed of because she's been gone for hours. So they run some more. And another door closes between them. This is the worst habitrail ever.

The Doctor and Sexy have assembled what looks like a pretty complete console, but with only a partial outer wall. She's still looking through the junk for parts while he puts together doohickeys at the console. Sexy asks, "Do you ever wonder why I chose you, all those years ago?" He thinks that he chose her because she was unlocked, but that was because she wanted to steal a Time Lord, and he was the only one mad enough.

Amy walks cautiously down a corridor. And then she hears Rory's voice, and turns around and finds an old and bearded Rory huddled against the wall. He's quite pissed. After having once waited 2,000 years for her, you'd think another sixty or so would be no big deal, but he's clearly mad. So she runs away from him. As you do.

On the planetoid, Sexy hangs a wire hanger on the console while the Doctor loops a velvet rope around the base of it. And then he tries to take off. But it keeps breaking down, with sparks flying. Meanwhile, Sexy can't stop looking at her own face in a mirror on the console. The Doctor tells her that the console won't work: "I've got nothing." Sexy: "Oh, my beautiful idiot. You've got what you've always had. You've got me." And she kisses her own finger with gold-sparked lips and touches the finger to the console and it starts working. The makeshift TARDIS takes off.

Amy walks even more slowly down a corridor. Where she finds Rory's corpse on the floor, with angry words painted on the walls. You know, your typical "hate, hate, kill Amy" type of thing. Where did he get the paint? Is there a Home Depot around? She cries and cries. But I am no longer ever going to believe that a Rory death is real. Never again. And just to prove I'm right, the real Rory comes walking up behind her. He sees her crying, but doesn't see the corpse or all of the painted words. She gives a start when he calls her name, and when she looks back she also doesn't see the corpse. They hug and run some more. Even though nothing appears to be chasing them or actually menacing them in any way that isn't purely psychological.

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