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Jack Attack!

Captain Jack moves in and puts his hands on her waist. "When you say 'Companion,' just how disappointed should I be?" She points out once more that they're standing in midair on a spaceship during a German air raid, and wonders if now's really the best time for him to be hitting on her. Two things: this is Captain Jack we're talking about -- it's always dinner time. And secondly, yes. For the same reason you don't accuse the Lloyds of being black marketers when you're eating at their table. Rose's voice falters, and Captain Jack kisses her hand: "Perhaps not." He walks away, and she gets defensive that it was just a suggestion. Check. He flicks on Glenn Miller, "Moonlight Serenade," and they begin to slow-dance: "It's 1941. The height of the London Blitz. The height of the German bombing campaign. And something else has fallen on London: a fully equipped Chula warship. The last one in existence. Armed to the teeth." Rose's eyelids flutter, her head on Captain Jack's shoulder. He draws back and looks into her eyes: "And I know where it is. Because I parked it." She laughs and he says that he can get it for her, if the Agency names the right price: "But in two hours, a German bomb is gonna fall on it and destroy it forever." His tone gets more serious: "That's the deadline. That's the deal. And now, shall we discuss payment?" Rose is gone: "Do you know what I fink? I fink you were talking just there..." He says again that, in two hours, the bomb will fall: "There'll be nothing left but dust and a crater...Are you listening to any of this?" She gets it together: "You used to be a Time Agent; now you're some kind of freelancer." He is very suave, pulling her to him: "Well, that's a little harsh. I like to think of myself as a criminal." Also hot. She laughs: "I bet you do!" Captain Jack asks again if it's her Companion that handles business, and she says she delegates, and I think somewhere in here Captain Jack figures out...not that she's just a dumb girl, because she's not just a dumb girl, and last week notwithstanding I would actually trust Rose with negotiations on a Chula warship easy, whatever that is, but he figures out something. Something's not on the up-and-up. He says, "Well, maybe we should go find him." How? "Easy. I'll do a scan for alien tech." Ding! He starts scanning around, and Rose -- practically fanning herself -- mumbles, "Finally, a professional."

After another appropriate commercial break, the Doctor stands on some steps with Nancy, staring at the bomb site with some very awesome binoculars. "The bomb's under that tarpaulin," says Nancy. "They put the fence up overnight. See that building?" She points to the hospital on the other side, where this "doctor" is. She warns our Doctor to talk to hers, but he once again stresses needing to get into the bomb site. "Talk to the doctor first," she tells him. "'Cause then maybe you won't wanna get inside." Nancy starts to take off again, and the Doctor calls, without looking up from his binoculars. She says that she's got mouths to feed, so she's going back to the house where he found her. The Doctor asks Nancy, "Can I ask you a question? Who did you lose?" He lowers the binoculars and turns to her: "The way you look after all those kids -- it's because you lost somebody, isn't it? You're doing all this to make up for it." She nods. It was her little brother Jamie, who followed her out into the Blitz on a food run -- he "just didn't like being on his own." The Doctor asks what happened. Nancy: "In the middle of an air raid? What do you think happened?" He nods and smiles: "Amazing. 1941." There are planes dropping bombs in the distance. A barrage balloon hovers above them. Small explosions are in the air. The Doctor: "Right now, not very far from here, a German war machine is rolling up the map of Europe. Country after country, falling like dominoes. Nothing can stop it. Nothing. Until one, tiny, damp little island says 'no. No. Not here.' A mouse in front of a lion." He laughs. "You're amazing, the lot of you. Dunno what you do to Hitler, but you frighten the hell out of me. Off you go then... do what you've gotta do. Save the world." The child follows Nancy as she turns and walks back up the steps.

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