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The End Of The World

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This Is My Happening And It Freaks Me Out

The Adherents of the Repeated Meme snatch Rose.

The Doctor calls the fans "a great bit of air conditioning, sort of nice and old-fashioned." Perhaps "retro," he says. He sonics a wall panel and a spiderbot falls out and skitters away. The Doctor tries to sonic it off the wall as Jabe asks whether it's part of the "retro," and finally shoots a vine up at it, bringing the beastie down into the Doctor's hand. I wish she were a Companion some time later. Well: time travel. Could still happen, I guess. The Doctor congratulates Jabe on the liana, and she blushes: "Thank you! We're not supposed to show them in public." He grins and figures that the spiders are for sabotage. Earth Death in ten minutes. "And the temperature's about to rocket. Come on."

There's a missing scene here, in the broadcast, in which the aliens mill around in the gallery and Cassandra calls out: "The planet's end. Come gather! Come gather! Bid farewell to the cradle of civilization. Let us mourn her with a traditional ballad." And then "Toxic" starts playing, either way. The thing about the "Toxic" is that, if you listen overmuch to the radio or whatever, you might hate the song. I don't mind it, either way. But the way it's used here is fantastic, really. It fits all the shots together in a really great way and sells the suspense well. Frankly, I wish it had played over many more of the scenes and danger and stuff. Follow your instincts. The Doctor and Jabe hurry towards the Steward's office as another corridor fills with smoke, the staff coughing and squealing. The Doctor sonics the Steward's sun filter back up, and they smell the smell of barbecued blue guy. The Doctor notes that another sun filter is going to be dropping.

"Toxic" is playing loudly in the room where the Adherents stashed Rose, as she wakes up. Her sun filter starts to descend, and she runs to the door. Outside, the Doctor arrives and hears her screaming. "It would be you," he jokes to her screaming, and tries to answer the door. He finally sonics the sun filter to rise, but it only works long enough to show us the burnt-out damage above the fire line, then starts dropping again. "The computer's getting clever," says the Doctor, and Rose tells him to stop "mucking about." They yak at each other for a while, and finally Rose has to go lie down on the floor closer to the windscreen, screaming that the locks have melted. The room gets brighter and brighter as the filter descends. The Doctor finally just jams the whole screwdriver into the panel wires outside. The filter rises, but the door can't open. He tells Rose not to go anywhere and runs off. Rose: "Where're am I gonna go? Ipswich?" Earth Death in five minutes.

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