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This Is My Happening And It Freaks Me Out

Credits, and then two shuttles approach an enormous cruciform installation to the tune of the Treehouse of Horror. The voice of Platform One rings out: "Shuttles 5 and 6 now docking. Guests are reminded that Platform One forbids the use of weapons, teleportation, and religion. Earth Death is scheduled for 15:39, followed by drinks in the Manchester Suite." Okay, that's hilarious. I think I would do well on a Platform.

Rose and the Doctor are walking down a corridor, leisurely: "So when it says 'guests,' does that mean people?" It depends what Rose means by "people," of course, but she's like, "Um, people? I mean 'people'?" and the Doctor's like, "Oh, then no. Aliens." He opens a door to the observation gallery as Rose tries to pin down what's going on with Platform One. He explains that it's less of a spaceship and more an observation deck where "the great and the good are gathering to watch the planet burn." Why? "Fun." They enter the gallery, and he extends his explanation: "Mind you, when I said 'the great and the good,' what I mean is the rich." There's a lot of class stuff in this episode, which is interesting because of Rose and where she comes from. Interesting that it still pings the Doctor as well, but I think that the point is that Earth has been used completely up by multinationals, and as Earth's biggest fan, he has a stake in that. So, economic interrogation via ecology, which is interesting and doesn't get much play in stories like this. I would note at this point that it's not really a coincidence that the two contemporary songs we hear in this episode are "Tainted Love" and "Toxic," nor that within the first two hours of the series we've met plastic that turns into people, and people that turn into plastic. "But hold on -- they did this once on Newsround Extra, the sun expanding," says Rose. "That takes hundreds of years!" Rose loves her science infotainment. Mickey and Jackie were probably doing shots in the other room, or down the pub watching some stupid sport together. The Doctor nods: "Millions. But the planet's now property of the National Trust. They've been keeping it preserved." He points to a "gravity satellite" down near the atmosphere that has been "holding back the sun." Rose notes that the continents are still where they are now, and the Doctor explains that, while they did shift over time, the Trust moved them back: "That's a classic Earth. But now the money's run out, nature takes over!" There are about thirty minutes left before the Earth gets "roasted," he tells her, and she naturally assumes that they are there to "jump in at the last minute" to save her. Negatory, but the Doctor says that all the people left long ago, so there's nothing to worry about on that front. It's the end of just the world. Still, Rose is creeped out: "Just me then." Hurts, doesn't it?

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