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This Is My Happening And It Freaks Me Out

The Steward -- who is blue, blue like a Blue Man, with black-tinted lips and black-lined eyes and strangely white irises -- hurries toward them: "Who the hell are you?" It plays well off the "just me" line: "Just you then -- but who the fuck are you?" The Doctor's gracious about getting yelled at, usually: "Oh! That's nice, thanks." The Steward wigs out that it's a "maximum hospitality zone" (awesome concept), and that the guests are on their way in already. The Doctor holds out a small leather wallet and Obi-Wans the guy: "That's me, I'm a guest. Look, I've got an invitation! It's fine, see? The Doctor plus one. I'm the Doctor, this is Rose Tyler. She's my plus-one. That all right?" Obviously, quoth the Steward, who apologizes, and then says that, well, if the Doctor's arrived, they'd better get their Earth Death on. He runs off to get it going, and the Doctor shows Rose the paper he just flashed. It is blank: "The paper's slightly psychic. Shows them whatever I want them to see. Saves a lot of time." Rose is a sequential processor, and will be dealing with the psychic paper in about twenty minutes. For now: "He's blue." The Doctor nods and he and Rose smile at each other, because the Steward is undeniably blue.

The Steward welcomes the Doctor and Rose over the PA, and sends the staff scurrying to their posts. Now, I'm not an evil man. I am not a man who hates fun. I don't have a problem with silliness, as long as I'm not implicated in the silliness. But what you have here is a man painted blue, and little blue Oompa-Loompas in spacesuits scuttling around and talking like fucking Jawas, and there's this "Be Our Guest" music playing, brain shuts down. I have to say that it was at this point that, on first viewing, I really just lost the thread altogether. They could have revealed the secret of Roan Inish or whatever and I wouldn't have cared, because: Oompa-Loompas. A really well-constructed, smartly-layered episode, tossed aside because I have a hate-on for Jawas no matter their outfits. But on review, that makes this episode even better, because it turns out that there are people who enjoy all manner of zaniness, Arthur Dent and Bring Your Towel and Ministry of Silly Whatever, The Lady Morpork of Bullshit, and those are good people, and they probably don't get off on literary tricks and emotional tropes to the same degree that I might. So this is a catch-all kind of brilliant episode, and to let one thing about it turn you off to the part of it that was made just for you is really short-sighted. So there's that. I have a really low pain threshold for that kind of humor, but that's personal. Just like every other opinion expressed here. Not that anyone would ever do anything so silly as to look to a website to find out what their opinion should be. It's like Battlestar and the spaceships and the esoteric workings of the spaceships. I realize that there are people for whom the zany, wacky antics of this show are the entire point -- and more power to them, the show will deliver on those -- but there are also people for whom those antics are beside the point. I happen to be a person who views them as somewhat counter to the point, because I am a dour old snoot, which is why I never found previous versions of this show altogether that interesting. If you're the kind of person for whom farting aliens are uproarious and constitute the value of this show, I daresay you've stopped reading the recap by now...

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