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The End Of Time, Part I

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The Motion & The Act

Wilf whistles, sneaking out of the house with cute reindeer antlers on his head, calling out his vague goodbyes. Once out of the house, he summons a old folks' shuttle bus full of his compatriots, dancing down the lane toward it, overjoyed for an outing, determined to find the Doctor and save the world from these bad dreams. He gives them a dossier and describes the Doctor -- "Modern sort of hair, all sticky-uppy" -- although he refuses to give them any more details than necessary. Minnie the Menace (the dotty mother on Absolutely Fabulous, for Americans) jokes about getting locked in a police box in 1962, and is clearly their group's sexual mascot, which is awesome. They do a lot of old-folks things like saying "wa-hey!" and using words like "skiffle," and finally Minnie puts a name to their network: The Silver Cloak. Distributed human effort has been a theme of this show for a long time, too. It's the only way to combat the power and the strangeness of the universe: You start over there, and I'll start over here. Less magic, more problem solving. An Archangel Network, but a LINDA too. "Answer me this. Have you been having bad dreams? All of you?" Even the driver has. "Dreams you can't remember? Yeah, well, that's why we need him. We need the Doctor. More than ever."

A couple of homeless guys order some kind of gross British food from a wagon on the edge of a wasteland, brands burning in barrels, and the elder tells the younger -- fathers and sons, everywhere you look -- about how Obama's giving a speech on Christmas about ending the recession. That'll age well. The Master appears in the background, brooding in a hoodie, as they chat cheerfully with the woman and walk away with their food. When they are gone, the Master appears and grins horribly into her smiling face. He whips off his hoodie, growling: "I am so hungry!" She stares, he laughs, she dies in some horrible fashion.

"They're saying that the President's got this grand plan. He's going to save the world with some big financial scheme." They chat about that, about hope and how crazy America must look to everybody else even today, and the Master lands on a box from out of the sky, stuffing himself with his pie. They're friendly but wary, and he very quickly proves to be totally nuts. "Want cheese and chips and meat and gravy and cream and beer and pork and beef and fat and great big chunks of hot wet red..." The elder tramp realizes they need to bounce, but not before Ginger, the younger, notes that the Master looks like Saxon: "The one that went mad." He laughs, friendly and curious, and the Master predictably goes batshit on a slow burn.

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