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The End Of Time, Part II

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Arms & The Boy

And isn't "God" just a fake out for the real God? Ask Milton.

The cactus woman acts annoying, which causes the Doctor to act annoying, and then there is a very, very long space fight sequence where he gets their ship up and running again and they head back toward the Naismith compound, shooting down all of Earth's missiles as they come flying, and Wilf gets to take up arms of his own and go generally Star Wars with a joystick gun, and he has a great deal of exciting fun, and the Master is frothing and there's a moment where you think the Doctor's going to crash the Vinvocci ship right into the mansion -- which Wilf is pretty much okay with but just wants to know if he's about to die, and it's darling -- but at the last second the Doctor pulls his shit together and instead jumps out of the ship, gun in hand, and drops through the ceiling of the Gate room.

Meanwhile, the two Time Ladies who were against the return of Gallifrey (and didn't get blown up by Rassilon earlier) are the women standing on the platform with Rassilon and his two advisors, covering their eyes: "They will stand as monument to their shame, like the Weeping Angels of old." It's an immensely powerful image, as the vanguard of five prepares to reenter the universe on Earth.

ONE: Sorrow

While Wilf fights with the cacti to return and help the Doctor, which they eventually do, Rassilon greets the Master, and the Doctor where he lies on the floor of the Gate room, surrounded in shattered glass.

"It is a fitting paradox that our salvation comes at the hands of our most infamous child," Rassilon says, and the Master grins. The Doctor tries to warn them about the Immortality Gate, and the Master shushes him, childlike and scary at once. "Hey, no, hey! That's mine. Hush."

He points around the room, gesturing toward the Time Lords. "Look around you. I've transplanted myself into every single human being. But who wants a mongrel little species like them? Because now I can transplant myself into every single Time Lord." Rassillon shivers.

"Oh yes, Mr. President sir. Standing there all noble and resplendent -- and decrepit -- think how much better you're going to look... As me!"

The Untempered Schism. The revolution of the infamous child. So many of us, too many of us, lose ourselves to that. We take on rebellion against the Age of Steel like it's the only alternative; we go hard just like everybody else. There's a lot to be angry about, and it's a better option but not the best option. Because the secret beneath is that it's still the Lords that did it: They drove him crazy. It's their madness he's expressing. And these are the options, for every one of us: To go mad with rage against authority, and let that be your cage. To go traveling, never letting any of it touch you. Staying innocent and young, never admitting where you come from and where you live, terrified of going hard. Or to do the third thing: To follow Wilf into the future, along the path where nothing is lost. Nothing inside must die for us to be healed.

We dream of cages, where nothing is permitted.

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