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A clockwork leads Reinette roughly down the hall, two more following with Louis in their arms, explaining robotically that "the teleport has limited range. We must have proximity to the time portal." Makes sense to us, but Reinette's in the business of naming and unnaming: "Your words mean nothing. You are nothing." That's how you know she's going to be okay: it's not just sass and it's not just courtly shit-talking. She's made the call.

Rose is confused -- as we all are, if we're not chewing prodigious fingernail action on behalf of a fictionalized girl who is also a spaceship who is mostly fiction anyway and already was, even at the time she lived -- but the Doctor brings it back to Relative Dimension In Space: "As long as the ship and the ballroom are linked, their short-range teleports will do the trick." Can't use the TARDIS because they're "part of events," which is always the answer, so why worry about that. Can't smash through it, and the Doctor says something that makes my heart sing: "Hyperplex this side, plate glass the other. We need a truck." (Hit pause, because oh no you didn't. That is some elegant motherfucking writing. You got Mickey, you got Rose, you got a useless TARDIS and a Doctor in love. You've even got the female equivalent of Captain Jack in there. You bet you need a truck. You need a Rescue & Recovery truck, in fact, with Memory and Will and Knowledge riding shotgun. But we're in no position, because pity and repentance, not divinity nor victory, are the Bad Wolf of the season.) "We don't have a truck," says Mickey, and the Doctor shouts: "I know we don't have a truck!" Not only that, but this is a spaceship that is also a girl: "Smash the glass, smash the time window, they'd be no way back." Dumb, gross, vulgar idea. Rose stares at him. He might try it, though. He might fuck up that bad. He tasted love with half his mind, Nor ever drank the inviolate spring Where nighest heaven, who first could fling This bitter seed among mankind...It's forgetting who you are, if you do that, if you go against the rules of grace and TARDIS like that. It's forgetting you're not human, and losing what you love best in the process. I am committed to the idea that the Doctor and Reinette do love each other, that special specific crazy awesome good kind of knowing and naming love, or else the story is really really good but not perfect. It's only perfect if the Doctor risks damnation for something he should not have in the first place, and gets burned. If he forgets that he's not human, that the slow path is not for him, and if the Sandman references are going to accrete this week: it only means something if his actions leave a warp on his universe, if he goes seeking a Nada and gets burned for it. We will look back and we will say, "This was a consensual fuckup, among all parties, all of whom should have known better." Watch. Eyes open every step of the way, which is the only possible way damnation can happen.

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