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Not three goddamn paragraphs ago. I now Arthur is like, a truck? Vulgar, gross, meaningless. "Smash the glass, smash the time window, they'd be no way back," he said. "Dumb, gross, vulgar idea," I said. Is this some kind of statement about love? got Rose and Mickey back on the cannibal spaceship, and they can't operate the TARDIS. So either there's something obvious I'm missing, or my entire concept of "love" is really fucked up, or the Doctor HATES Rose suddenly, and wants to fuck her over. Anyway, it looks pretty bad-ass so quelch the offended logic circuits if you can -- and remember, everything is going to turn out okay. The Doctor winks as he trots past Reinette in the middle of the ballroom, and finally drops to the ground: "Madame de Pompadour. You look younger every day." Louis gets his gorgeous mess all up in there wondering who the hell the Doctor is, and Reinette makes the introduction -- not the Doctor to the King of France, but the King of France to the Doctor: "This is my lover, the King of France." Compounding rudeness with rudeness, the Doctor sniffs, "Yeah? Well, I'm the Lord of Time." And he turns to the chief automaton: "And I'm here to fix the clock." He pulls the mask and wig off the creature, revealing its clockwork -- giving the group a chance to check out its hallways and mirrors and windows and tapestries and fireplaces for themselves -- and they gasp. The automaton points its weapon at the Doctor and he shakes his head: "Forget it. It's over. For you and for me." Behind the broken mirror on the wall lies only a brick wall. "Talk about seven years' bad luck. Try three thousand..." The clockwork looks up at the wall, and the mirror, and wonders why he's bitching about such small numbers.

Back on the spaceship, it's all shards of glass and bulkhead. "What happened? Where did the time window go? How's he gonna get back?" Rose is very still, and very quiet, as the camera turns slowly around her, staring at what's left of the time window, a single tear running down her cheek. It's not being stranded, it's being abandoned, but they were both always part of the deal.

The tick-tock tries to use its teleport, over and over, and nothing happens. It finally turns -- almost frustrated -- to the Doctor. "The link with the ship is broken," the Doctor explains sadly. "No way back. You don't have the parts. How many ticks left in that clockwork heart? A day? An hour? It's over. Accept that. I'm not winding you up." That's a lot less than infinity, or even half. Finally, it winds down, and goes dead. The others soon slump forward. One of them falls backward, smashing on the stone floor. The French whisper, mostly in a courtly, bitchy tone, as the Doctor reaches for Reinette: "You all right?" She nods, and takes his hand, and he helps her to his feet. "They've stopped. They have no purpose now." They've been unnamed. We pull back, and back: the Doctor and Reinette, in the middle of the destruction, hand in hand. Smaller and smaller; slower and slower.

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