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The Girl Who Waited

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Time Keeps On Slippin'

The Doctor hears Amy sobbing and asks Rory to hold up the time glass. Young Amy stands there, crying. He goes to old Amy. "Look me in the face and say you won't help her." "I won't help her," she says, looking him in the face. Heh. He holds up the glass to show old Amy her young self. With a bit of sonic fiddling, he makes the glass appear on young Amy's side, as well. Rory walks off so his wives can talk. Old Amy explains her side of things. "What about Rory?" young Amy asks. They reminisce about their past with Rory and how he once tried to explain away a terrible haircut by pretending he was in a rock band. They go on and it's very sweet and they think Rory is wonderful and beautiful and the only boy she's ever loved. Something like that, anyway. In the end, old Amy decides to help after all. She goes to find Rory. "I'm gonna pull time apart for you," she says and kisses him. Her pet hand-bot looks kind of sad. Or maybe it's just because he has a cartoon of Rory for a face.

Everyone agrees it shouldn't be possible for her to change her future, but the Doctor figures if anyone can do it, it's Amy. Because she's just that stubborn. (Sounds like something to keep in mind after Lake Silencio, yes?) However, there's a catch. Old Amy wants to leave with them. Both Amys would survive. The Doctor hems and haws and thinks that with some rigging, the TARDIS could sustain the paradox. With some double-sonic action and the time glass, he links the Amys. He tells them they need a signal, a "thought so powerful it can rip through time." He instructs Rory to fiddle with some wires in nearby a control panel. "Now, Amy, start thinking," the Doctor says, "the most important thought you've ever had." "Macarena," say the Amys. Not only was it the most important dance craze, but also the first time she kissed Rory. Rory throws some switches in the control panel and suddenly both the young and the old Amy are face to face. It's a little bit awkward.

It's also a little bit explodey. Rory's camera glasses short out and something begins smoking and popping on the TARDIS. "Rory, you're on your own," the Doctor says just before the glasses cut out completely.

Hand-bots beam in. Old Amy passes her younger self a wooden staff. They two of them quickly dispatch the hand-bots and make a run for it. As they're in mid-escape, the Amys start arguing about living arrangements and so forth. Old Amy figures she'll go traveling, but young Amy still doesn't seem too happy. They make their way to the gate room but can't get to the TARDIS in the art gallery. The gates have been locked from the outside. Old Amy gets to working on the console, flirting with Rory the whole time. He asks her to quit, but come on. She hasn't gotten any action in 36 years! Let her have her fun!

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