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Motel 666

The Doctor sonics the room only to find walls behind all the windows and doors. Also, all the rooms contain "bad dreams," as the clever one puts it. No one knows how they got here, either. Howie was blogging and woke up in the hotel. The Tivolian says he was at work: "We're lining all the highways with trees so invading forces can march in the shade." Rita -- is she a nurse or a doctor? - says she was just starting her shift when she woke up here. The TARDIS, naturally, is nowhere to be found when they go looking for it. The Doctor asks if there's anyone else, which leads us to...

...a man named Joe, who is tied to a chair in a banquet room full of laughing ventriloquist's dummies. For the second time in less than ten minutes, I nearly give up on the episode. The only thing creepier than a ventriloquist's dummy is a ventriloquist. Also: Holy crap, those things all turn their heads to look at the Doctor as he comes into the room. I just shuddered so hard I nearly barfed up my own spine. The Doctor has a little chat with Joe, who's happily awaiting his coming death. "I lived a blasphemous life, but he has forgiven my inconstancy, and soon he will feast." It's taken two days, as Joe says, because they were still "raw." He, for example, was once afraid of the dummies but now they make him laugh. To demonstrate, he laughs. They all laugh. Joe tells the Doctor to find his own room. The Doctor takes note of Joe's tie pin (a horseshoe) and cuff links (dice) and wheels him to safety on a luggage trolley, chair and all.

Once back in reception, the Doctor tries to figure out why these particular people were brought here. The Tivolian looks forward to someone either rescuing or enslaving them. The Doctor starts formulating a plan to find the TARDIS, advising everyone not to look in any of the rooms they feel particularly drawn to. Joe starts laughing and reciting a creepy nursery rhyme. So they tape his mouth shut and wheel him around as they go exploring the hotel.

Howie the blogger tells Rory he's figured out they're in Norway. He spouts off some conspiracy theory about the U.S. government and rich people and Earth colliding with another planet. This all sounds absurd to the man who spent 2000 years as a robotic Roman centurion who came to life because of a girl's imagination. Before anyone can stop him, Howie opens one of the doors. It's filled with pretty teenage girls who laugh at his Klingon-loving ways and mock him by stuttering. The Doctor shuts the door. Howie starts stuttering badly and blames it all on some CIA experiment. The Doctor encourages him to hold onto that. The monster growls and pants.

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