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Motel 666

More wandering. Amy finds Lucy's dropped notes. Rory finds a fire exit. Before he can tell anyone about it, it vanishes. The monster's growls grow closer, so the Doctor tells everyone to hide. Rita and Joe end up in a room where a man in a white lab coat rails at Rita for being lazy. She got a B in math, he says. That would have been parade day for me. The others end up in a room with a pair of weeping angels. Amy freaks out, but they're for the Tivolian. As the monster tromps down the hall, the Doctor can't resist having a look out the peephole. "Oh, look at you!" he breathes. "You're beautiful!" Elsewhere, Joe's bonds suddenly loosen as if by magic and he runs joyously into the hallway. It's all "praise him, praise him" and laughing. "I think he's going after Joe," the Doctor says, still peering out the peephole. Ya think? He waits a bit, then opens the door just in time to see the last of Joe being dragged around the corner.

The Doctor goes running after him, all panicky. The corridors shift and stretch, constrict and change altogether. The Doctor happens upon one of Joe's cuff links. Joe is slumped against a nearby wall, but I'm momentarily distracted by one of the cuffs on the Doctor's trousers coming apart. The beatifically smiling Joe is dead.

Everyone gathers once more in the banquet room. Thankfully, the dummies have been vacated from their seats. Rory covers Joe with a sheet and Rita hands out piping hot tea. Amy commiserates with the Tivolian over the horror of the weeping angels. She also tells him how the Doctor has never let her down, not even when she was a kid and she thought he'd left her. He saved her just like he's going to save everyone else. Rory notices the Doctor being "pally" with Rita and makes a quip about needing to notify her next of kin. Amy giggles instead of delivering the blow he was expecting.

The Doctor and Rita talk over tea. She's surprisingly calm and smart about the whole thing. The idea that they're in some alien hotel seems no weirder to her than Howie's CIA theory or her own about Jahannam. "You're a Muslim!" the Doctor says. "Don't be frightened," she jokes. Her faith helps keep her sane, she says. The Doctor clearly likes her, which, as Rory just noted, is a death sentence. I like her, too, which is just an additional nail in her imminent coffin.

At this point, Amy suddenly remembers the note she found in the hallway and gives it to the Doctor. Among other things, Lucy describes the fictional gorilla that used to scare her as a kid, the one she found waiting in the room for her. Howie, who's been sitting quietly all this time, starts spouting "praise him!" like a reflex. He tries to stop himself, but can't. The monster clomps down the hall toward them. Everyone panics until the Doctor silences them with a bit of sonic feedback. Gibbis, the Tivolian, suggests they offer up Howie in exchange for their own lives. Everyone's horrified. The Doctor gives Gibbis a pep talk that's actually kind of scary but I don't have time to transcribe it all. The next time Howie is overcome by the praises, the Doctor takes the opportunity to ask him some questions. Howie says the others have "too many distractions" and need to clear their minds. He thinks it's just so cool that he's going to get eaten! The Doctor surmises that the monster feeds on fear. He tells everyone to resist however they can. Pray or think of happy things, that sort of thing.

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