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Motel 666

So the Doctor goes off to catch himself a monster, leaving Gibbis to guard a raving Howie in reception. Howie's all, "Come to me, my Lord!" and other rapturous things. ("Holy Sonnet 14" was what I alluded to in the recaplet; Howie's not quite as poetic as Donne, but the sentiment is much the same.) The Doctor has rigged up the hotel's intercom system to make Howie's ecstatic pleas come through the speakers in the salon. As soon as the monster galumphs his way inside, the others close off the doors from the outside, leaving the Doctor inside. He's rigged up a bunch of mirrors so he can see the monster from any angle, or maybe to confuse the monster. We get our first decent look at him. He is a minotaur... sort of. This is what the Doctor thought was so beautiful? This? He looks like a bipedal buffalo made out of rubber novelty vomit.

The Doctor translates the creature's grunts and snuffles and gleans that the place is a prison. The Doctor wonders whether they're cellmates or lunch, but the creature snorts that they're not "ripe" yet. Also, the creature is really, really, really old. "You want this to stop," the Doctor realizes with sadness and wonder. "Because... you are... just instinct," he translates with effort. The Doctor asks the minotaur to tell him how to stop him, but Howie's gotten free with Gibbis's cowardly help and his tasty ripeness is very distracting. The minotaur busts his way out of the salon. For some reason, the Doctor makes a big deal out of saving a bowl of fish. Fresh fish fingers for later? Who knows?

Everyone runs and ends up separated for a bit. Amy finds herself opening the door to room #7. "Praise him," voices whisper. Rita shuts the door before we get a look inside. The Doctor soon finds Howie dead in one of the corridors. Gibbis makes some weak excuse about Howie overpowering him but the Doctor just glowers at him.

Later, the Doctor and Rory chat at the portrait wall. The Doctor wonders why Rory hasn't found a room yet and Rory guesses there's nothing left to scare him after all the time he's spent in the TARDIS. The Doctor notes that Rory's talking in the past tense, but it's no time to be a grammar Nazi. Rory talks about Howie working so hard to overcome his stuttering. "I'd forgotten not all victories are about saving the universe," Rory says. Then the Doctor goes off to chat with Rita a bit, and reassures her that he's very close to saving them all. She asks why it's up to him to save everyone. "That's quite a god complex you've got there," she says with a smile. He feels responsible for bringing Amy and Rory. He likens them to children being offered a "suitcase full of sweets," unable to choose not to come with him. That is a pile of assorted crap. I mean, yes, he dangles this promise of amazing adventure in front of them and things usually end pretty badly. But plenty of mundane things end badly, too. You could crack your head open in the shower. You could eat the wrong bit of puffer fish. You could live a life of quiet desperation and die alone and old and hating your furniture. Anyway, for all he blames himself for things, he now also offers Rita a taste of his sweet, sweet TARDIS. Then he notices a closed circuit camera in the corner and dashes off to find the minotaur. Rita starts going praisey, much to her surprise.

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