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Taffy Was A Thief

The leftovers of humanity go visit Alaya, and she explains to them that they are going to end up killing her, which will start the helter skelter of man-on-lizard violence, and it's going to be awesome. "I know apes better than you know yourselves. I know which one of you will kill me. Do you?" Well, I'm guessing Ambrose, since she's the only other two-dimensional bitch in this story, but also because Elliot said that Mo loved him more. But I dunno: Upstairs you also got Mack, who's dying of Alaya's tongue thing, with green veins creepily nastily down his neck. That's probably one more reason.

Downstairs, a lot further than Nasreen ever drilled, they find themselves wandering through a complex of vines and caves and things. Nasreen is impressed, and the Doctor delights in it. And off in the vivisection room, Mo is strapped in beside Amy when she wakes up. Apparently, she is now going to be vivisected, just like Mo was, and he shows her his autopsy scar, but notes that he was still conscious when this happened. I don't like the gnomes very much, I think. Although I would go with these creepy medical research experiments over dealing with Alaya pretty much instantly. Amy's day goes from bleak to terrible, as Nasreen discovers a huge civilization of lizards where the Doctor was expecting a dozen homo reptilia or less.

Next week: The Crack comes back and everybody misbehaves, but then luckily the language of patriarchy is universal. Then, a half-hour montage of women throughout history getting slapped for opening their fucking mouths.

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