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The Dutch Tilt

It is black. A door creaks open. "Gran? It's Tommy." Behind him stands the Doctor, and the others. "It's all right, Gran. I've brought help." She stands at the window, a shadow moving slowly toward them, against the light. Tommy steps inside and turns on the light: she has no face at all. Smooth, unthinking. Unbreathing. Rose gasps; the Doctor simply stares with a furrowed brow.

A black police car arrives at the Connellys, outside, as everyone stares at Gran. Eddie stands outside the room grimly. "Her face is completely gone," says the Doctor, sparkling with fascination, and he scans her with his screwdriver. "Scarcely an electrical impulse left. Almost complete neural shutdown, she's ticking over, like her brain has been...wiped clean." Right out her ears. "What're we gonna do, Doctor? We can't even feed her!" Tommy's question goes unanswered as the police enter downstairs. "We've got company..." Rose says warningly, but Rita knows it's the police, and they've come for Gran. Eddie seems almost pleased. "What was she doing before this happened? Where was she?" the Doctor asks, trying to solve the mystery in the moment before they arrive. "Tell me, quickly! Think!" Tommy protests, confused. "She doesn't leave the house! She was just..."

The police enter, and the Doctor tries to buy some time: "Hold on a minute! There are three important, brilliant, and complicated reasons why you should listen to me. One..." The largest policeman drops the Doctor, punching him hard in the face. Rose gasps. "Doctor!" In the confusion, the men toss a blanket over Gran and take her down the stairs. Rose slaps the Doctor awake and Rita throws herself in the men's path. The men take the opportunity to throw a blanket over Tommy's Gran and usher her to the stairs, as Rose slaps the Doctor's cheeks in an attempt to wake him up. The pain of enlightenment. Tommy catches his mother as they cast her aside; Eddie pushes the men toward the door. Everyone goes downstairs, leaving Rose to wake the Doctor. Eddie blocks the door as Rita begs them not to hurt her mother.

Think for yourself, because I won't be there with you. Nobody tells you when you're young that pain must eventually lead to pleasure, and vice versa; that a man must break his back, to earn his day of leisure. Think for yourself, because I won't be there with you. Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight. The Doctor finally sits up, after Rose has slapped hell out of him, and he belts down the stairs, but too late: Eddie stands in the doorway still, as the car speeds off. "Don't fight it," he shouts. "Back inside!" The Doctor pushes past him, Rose toddling after in her shoes, and they run past Eddie, with Tommy and Rita in his arms. At the living room door, Rose notices the red buzz and sparks of electricity around the television. "Dad, they took her!" screams Tommy, but Eddie just tells him, over and over, the most foreign concept in this show's lexicon: "Don't fight it." Rose is distracted, staring at the strange science of the television while the Doctor screams at her to come. "Rose, we're gonna lose them again!" She moves closer as the science disappears. "Dad, they took her! That was Gran, and they took her." Eddie doesn't get it. Finally, he pushes his son back in the house.

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