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The Idiot's Lantern

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The Dutch Tilt

Elsewhere, another black car pulls into the warehouse, another two men get out and pull another someone, covered in another blanket, out of another back seat. And they lead the figure away. When you lose your face, when you take on too much unconsidered information and stop being a person, when you become another sheep in a blanket, not even your lover can find you: You're just like everyone else. Ask Peter Tyler what that feels like from the outside.

Bishop marks it out for the Doctor on a large map: "We started finding them about a month ago. Persons left sans visage. Heads just...blank." Eyes without a face; without even eyes. The Doctor looks for patterns in the information, and Bishop nods. "Spreading out from North London, all over the city. Men, women, kids. Grannies. The only real lead is there's been quite a large number in..." The Doctor finishes his sentence -- "Florizel Street." -- as the cops knock on the door. Just another victim, another woman in a blanket without a face. Fascinated; having stared into the sun a bit too long. Angle on her feet: a pair of pink heels, and we travel up, up, a pink poodle skirt with layers and layers of poofy netting underneath. Say the word and you'll be free, say the word they're thinking of. Have you heard? The word is love. Every where you go, you hear it said. It's in every book, good and bad. You could feel your future, folding; it's so easy for a girl like her to lie. What goes on in your heart? What goes on in your mind? When you say she's looking good, she acts as if it's understood: she's cool, cool, cool, cool! For him to see her faceless; to be reminded, as she has been, as we have been, that no matter how brave or how strong or how fast or fearless, she's no Time Lord and never will be; to see her join the ranks of the helpless victims, to see her fascinated. He doesn't want to believe it, as he steps forward slowly like a coward, denying the reality behind the blanketed image before him. With the blanket over her head she could be Schrödinger's Girlfriend; he could be Eddie, ignoring what's right there. The Doctor's heart begins to break -- Adric, Mickey, Sarah Jane; she was different, he said -- and the policeman carelessly rips off the scab. It's Rose. She's only human; Jamie lost his face once and it took the Doctor a couple of tries to put him back together. "Rose," he creaks, the tears welling up. Bishop asks if he knows her. "Know her? She...."

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