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The Dutch Tilt

In the quieter Connelly house, everyone watches the television, remarking on Elizabeth's beauty; Rita says that she could make you "forget all your troubles," and asks if everyone is all right for pop. Just because you smash one image doesn't mean a thousand others don't have you enthralled. You never get off the hook for being awake.

The Doctor wakes; Bishop's face is gone. He wakes up Tommy and they run out to find that Magpie's gone. "We don't even know where to start looking," sighs Tommy. "It's too late." The Doctor smiles down at him. "Never too late, as a wise person once said. Kylie, I think." ("And in my heart, I will forgive you -- I've got so much love to give you. It's never too late, we've still got time; it's never too late to change your mind... Why can't you try and be a man about it?") "The Wire's got a big plan, so it'll need -- yes, yes, yes, it's got to harness half the population, millions and millions of people -- and where are we?" Muswell Hill. The Doctor nods at him. "Muswell Hill! Which means..." He looks around and spots Alexandra Palace: "Biggest TV transmitter in North London! That's why they chose this place!" He and Tommy head into the shop: "We're going shopping."

Magpie and the Wire drive through London, and inside the shop, Tommy and the Doctor are gathering equipment. Tommy holds up something, and the Doctor grabs it gratefully. Magpie drives further and further away as Tommy and the Doctor, loaded down with electronics, head into the street, and then are apparently suddenly in Hornsey, heading up the slope to Ally Pally. Camera crews ready themselves for the coronation; Magpie climbs the metal stairs to the transmitter.

The Connellys and all of London stare at the screen; Magpie gets nearer the tower; Tommy and the Doctor run down, assembling their tech as they go.

Climbing up the tower, Magpie begs the Wire to stop, not to make him do this. "The time is at hand," she commands. "Feed me! Feed me!" Coronation day. Tommy spots Magpie on the tower and the Doctor heads toward it. An official tries to stop them, but the Doctor flashes the slightly psychic paper at him without breaking step; when he lets them continue, Tommy asks what the guy was thinking. The Doctor, glancing down at the paper, shrugs. "King of Belgium, apparently." (The King of Belgium was declared unable to reign for exactly one day in April 1990, so he wouldn't have to sign an abortion bill, and then reinstated the next day: a tiny little break in Jupiter. The Dutch tilt on that is that it's unknown if he abdicated for that time, or if he was suspended; if the image is correct or if he was just following his conscience while allowing the country to be ruled in its own fashion; it is known that Elizabeth II took a hardline on abdication, finding it reprehensible. I concur.)

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