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Goodbye Sarah Jane

Very moving, and sad. I mean, that's about as retconny as the Weeping Angels thing, and we already know how she dies, but also consider the fact that their relationship still hasn't happened, from our perspective. He hasn't given her the shiny fabulous screwdriver, they haven't actually been in love, or gotten married... I suppose that it could be in the 200 years between 908 to 1103, given that this is the most romantic they've ever gotten on the show that would make sense for what comes next and we wouldn't have to waste the onscreen time of constant meaningless cool shit seeing it happen. I don't know.

They walk into what appears to be a dead ringer for the DIY TARDIS from "The Lodger," to which reference will always earn a few extra points because that episode rocked so hard, and Rory notices and immediately forgets noticing that the room they've found is covered by about a million Silence. River somehow notices that the tunnels extend under the entire surface of the world, and then yells Rory's name when she finally notes the monsters that are all over the place: Cliffhanger 1.

Amy, upstairs: "So you were kicked out of the FBI because you had attitude problems?"
Canton: "No. I just wanted to get married."
Amy: "Is that a crime?"
Canton: "Yes."

Hmm. Here's hoping that's not how it sounds, but prognosis not great.

There's other stuff going on, Amy referring to the Doctor provisionally as her "friend" and then evidencing the brain control -- "I had something I wanted to tell him, but stuff always gets in the way" -- and they hear the little girl yelling. Amy cramps up something fierce all of a sudden and gets really insistent about telling the Doctor the thing she's supposed to tell him, and they discover Canton having gotten knocked out. Suddenly she gets really insistent about telling him the something:

"No, it's important, it has to be now! Doctor, I'm pregnant!"

I admit it took me a while to figure out that this might be the brain-control issue, because it seems just as likely that Amy being pregnant -- again -- is the most important thing that could ever occur on this show, because nine out of ten times this show is solely about woman-as-receptacle, but there are mediating factors and weird little glitches that make it seem to be both that way and also part of something bigger. Either way, I just hope she enjoyed all that wine she was drinking a minute ago.

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