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Lights flicker in the canteen; Ida checks with Zach. He says that it's not a problem, though there's something happening with the black hole that they might want to see. Ida grins at the Doctor and Rose, in the middle of their ruined world, and pulls the lever again. The ceiling opens up; the room floods with red: "There. On the edge." A stream of red light is spiraling into the black hole. "That red cloud -- that used to be the Scarlet System. Home to the Pelushi. A mighty civilization spanning a billion years, disappearing. Forever. Their planets and suns consumed." Ida gazes up, fascinated at the end of a world. The Doctor and Rose watch. How many times have they watched the world ending, together, now? This is the first story that doesn't take place on Earth, or a New Earth, or a Steel Earth. Not a moment of the real, in this story, and the end of a civilization below their feet and above their heads. Their first adventure off-planet was a sightseeing barge, to see the end of something. And now it's all they ever see. The last of the Scarlet System disappears into the black hole. "Ladies and gentlemen," Ida grins, "we have witnessed its passing." She begins to shut the ceiling up tight again, but the Doctor asks her to leave it open a bit longer. Rose looks at him; I wonder if she's noticed this strange little habit of his, too. "Just for a bit," he begs. "I won't go mad, I promise." Ida ribs him -- "How would you know?" -- but concedes; she sends Scooti out to check the lockdown, and Ida and Jefferson head off to do more work.

The Doctor and Rose sit alone again, the world ending overhead, cut off from all there is and all there ever will be. "I've seen films and things, yeah?" says Rose. "They say black holes are like gateways to another universe." The Doctor shakes his head: "Not that one. It just eats." He's not wrong about that. "Long way from home," Rose sighs. The Doctor points up at the sky. "Go that way, turn right, keep going for...about five hundred years. Then you'll reach the Earth." Straight on 'til morning, you say. Rose takes out her phone: "No signal. That's the first time we've gone out of range." And even the TARDIS shuddered. "Mind you, even if I could...What would I tell her?" Rose is sad, and scared. "Can you build another TARDIS?" Rose asks, laughing half-heartedly, knowing it's impossible. "They were grown, not built," says the Doctor. "And with my own planet gone...we're kind of stuck." And up in the sky, the end of the world. The end of the trip.

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