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The Impossible Planet (1)

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When You Were Young

Toby jerks awake on his floor, murder and hate in his eyes.

The Doctor and Rose go running to see Danny, in Ood Habitation. He asks if they're settling in well, "mysterious couple" that they are, and the Doctor kindly jumps right to business, pointing down at the Ood in their pens: "How do they communicate? I mean, with each other?" The Ood stand in a herding pen, like animals. Danny shrugs. "Oh, just empaths. There's a low-level telepathic field connecting them. Not that that does them much good. They're basically a herd race. Like cattle." The Doctor asks whether this field can pick up messages. "I was having dinner," Rose explains, "and one of the Ood said something...well, odd." Danny jokes about the odd Ood, and Rose explains about the cell-phone call, though she doesn't call it that. "Oh, be fair," says Danny. "We've got whole star systems burning up around us. There's [sic] all sorts of stray transmissions. Probably nothing." Rose and the Doctor stare at him, and he shakes his head, trying to explain -- to shake it off: "Look, if there was something wrong, it would show. We monitor the telepathic field. It's the only way to look after them. They're so stupid they don't even tell us when they're ill." The screen says BASIC 5. "Low-level telepathy. They only register Basic 5." It now reads BASIC 6, then 7...10.... Rose looks on as the Ood creepily snap their heads up in unison, as it heads toward 50. Danny denies this possibility, even as the Ood are staring up at the three of them. What does Basic 30 mean? "They're shouting," says Danny. "Screaming, inside their heads." Or, the Doctor wonders, something is shouting at them. Danny taps away at his keyboard, wrong-footed, demanding to know what the Ood have been saying. "Something about the Beast in the Pit," says Rose, and the phone.... She pauses a moment, and then reports, "He is awake." Down below, the Ood speak: "And you will worship him." Danny, the Doctor, and Rose freak out. "He is awake?" says the Doctor, and the Ood respond as one: "And you will worship him." The Doctor asks whom they mean, and they do not respond. He begins to get scared, and angry: "Who's talking to you? Who is it?"

Scooti brings an expense file to Toby's room, but it's empty. "Open Door 41," says the computer, and Scooti looks around, confused, as Door 41 closes again. She runs out into the corridor, confirming that the computer just opened and closed Door 41: "But that's the airlock. Why would you open the airlock? It's the night shift. We're not allowed outside. Has someone gone out?" Confirmed. But the computer won't tell her who. No spacesuits have been logged out, but someone has left. Scooti calls in the breakdown to Zach, but the radio just crackles and goes silent. She tells the computer to trace the fault, but it just tells her there is none. Scooti gets more irritated: "Tell me who went through that door!" "He is awake," the computer says warmly, and repeats itself. "He bathes in the black sun." Scooti gets creeped out, and a fiddle starts to play as she goes to the window, which has just unshuttered itself further down the corridor.

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