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Point Zero: the Doctor gets worried, asking for a report of what's going on with Toby, but there's no answer.

In the control room, Zach is having no better luck with the static, nor with finding out what's going on with Toby, who grins awfully, flexing his arms, as Jefferson demands that he stand down and be confined. The one thing he won't be doing. "He's come out in those symbols all over his face," Rose says into the dead comms. "They're all over him." Toby stares Jefferson down: "Mr. Jefferson. Tell me, sir. Did your wife ever forgive you?" Jefferson's face goes slack and he protests that he doesn't know what Toby means. "Let me tell you a secret," says Toby. "She never did." Jefferson asks a bit more politely if Toby won't stand down and be confined: "Or under the jurisdiction of Condition Red, I am authorized to shoot you." He aims his gun at Toby, who opens his mouth wide: "But how many can you kill?" Toby's eyes light up red as he begins to roar; the words trail off in clouds of smoke and move inexorably to the Ood, who jerk awake as they are possessed. Forgotten, Toby falls to the deck, coughing; Jefferson points his gun at the three Ood nearby that now have Devil in them.

In Habitation, the Ood have picked up the message: "We are the Legion of the Beast."

The Doctor shouts and shouts for Rose but gets no answer; he decides to head back up to check on them.

Zach screams for reports, but he's cut off from everyone.

And the Ood are speaking. "The Legion shall be many. And the Legion shall be few." Rose tells the comms that it's the Ood; Jefferson calls in a "contamination in the livestock." Rose uses the word "possessed" to describe the Ood; Jefferson complains that they "won't listen." "He has woven himself in the fabric of your life since the dawn of time," they murmur. A single Ood walks up the stairs toward Danny: "Some may call him Abaddon. Some may call him Krop Tor. Some may call him Satan. Or Lucifer. Or the Bringer of Despair. The Deathless Prince. The Bringer of Night. These are the words that shall set him free." The Ood communication orb suddenly jumps across the gap, felling the guard with some kind of scary Devil science. Danny runs.

The Ood back Jefferson and Rose against a wall. "I am become manifest. I shall walk in might. My Legions shall swarm across the worlds..."

Ida lights up the trapdoor as the ground begins to quake; the trapdoor begins to open, and she shouts.

The whole base shakes. Zach grabs onto the console to steady himself: "We're moving! The whole thing's moving! The planet's moving!" He stares up as the overhead shutters roll open of their own accord; the black hole above, and the black hole beneath, make their move.

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