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When You Were Young

Rocks shower down on the Doctor and Ida; the Doctor stops short, torn between finding Rose and saving Ida. But it's the Doctor; you know how he rolls: he stumbles toward Ida, falling over as the ground shakes. Ida shakes and whimpers, terrified. What's burned off in Hell is what doesn't work, no matter which side of grace, which face of God, is operating. Grace looks like God sometimes, sometimes sounds like a bump in the night. Once, briefly, it looked like a shopgirl wearing Top Shop and too much mascara.

The Ood advance on Rose and Jefferson: "I am the sin and the temptation, and the desire. I am the pain and the loss and the death to come..." Everything Victoria hated. Everything Lumic hated. Everything Cassandra couldn't handle, and all the things they did because of it. Everything the Wire and the Schoolmaster offered. Sin, temptation, desire, pain, loss, and death. Coming now, from all sides. I was wrong before: the opposite of the Bad Wolf isn't another wolf. It's this, now, here. All the different faces of that loneliness, that hell, arriving all at once. Pandora's Box opening up silently, a thousand demons and terrors tailor-made: there's one just for you and one just for me. This is the opposite of the Bad Wolf: the Zero Point. Announcing itself more loudly than grace ever did.

The trapdoor is completely open; Doctor and Ida scatter and fall. The gravity field of the impossible planet begins to give way; she loses orbit. The hologram starts making no sense. "We're gonna fall into the black hole!" screams Zach.

Rose tries to open the door behind them, but it won't budge. Jefferson aims his gun at the advancing Ood, who couldn't care less: "I have been imprisoned for eternity. But no more."

Smoke rises from the Pit, the shaking ground. The Doctor and Ida stare down; the Beast laughs up: "The Pit is open. And I am free."

Next week: the actual Devil. More death. Too much death. And a Deeper Magic still, from the strangest places imaginable.

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