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They all find themselves eventually in the control room; the crew is busy working there, and all stare at The Doctor and Rose, the Doctor beaming back at them. Zach: "Oh, my God. You meant it!" (That's Shaun Parkes, who previously starred with David Tennant in Casanova, which Russell T. Davies wrote, and with Billie Piper in Things To Do Before You're 30.) Scooti shouts, "People! Look at that! Real people!" And the Doctor grins: "Hooray!" Rose smiles and introduces herself and the Doctor, and Danny comes over, protesting that they must have an oxygen outage or something, and that they're all hallucinating. I guess maybe the TARDIS also keeps people from getting this weird about the Doctor just appearing places. That would make sense; it also makes it scarier. Everybody is ordered to strap in for the quakes. "Sorry, you two, whoever you are. Just...hold on. Tight." Rose asks the main question of this entire story, and does it succinctly: "Hold on to what?" Anything: "I don't care, just hold on." Danny confirms that the Ood are fixed for the quake, and Rose and the Doctor thank him for his kindness. "What's this planet called, anyway?" asks the Doctor, and the woman at the controls, who could be Scooti's older sister, scoffs at him: "Now, don't be stupid. It hasn't got a name. How could it have a name?" The Doctor raises his eyebrow, and she wows: "You really don't know, do you?" Impact. Everything shakes and jerks, everybody holds onto anything, and it ends. The Doctor stands and brushes himself off, saying that it wasn't so bad after all...

...and then it starts again. The Doctor goes flying as the Sanctuary Base shakes more violently; everybody clings to whatever they can; there are more sparks, more tossing about. It's violent and beautifully shot, not like the Star Trek you might assume. Zach finally tells them that it's over, as Jefferson makes with the fire extinguisher. Zach checks in with everybody, so we get names: Ida is the older hot chick, Danny looks a bit like a ratty Neil Gaiman, Toby's kind of Aryan and very uptight, Scooti's adorable/rough and tumble, and Jefferson is grizzled. "We're fine, thanks, fine, yeah, don't worry about us." Zach tells Rose and the Doctor the downside of this quake: "The surface caved in. The graphics on the computer screen indicate the part of the base that has been lost: I deflected it onto Storage 5 through 8. We've lost them completely." Zach sends Toby to check the rocket link -- Welcome to Hell, the untranslatable -- and Toby's scared and bitchy about it. Finally, Zach just orders him out, and he goes grudgingly. Ida (Claire Rushbrook, from Spaced and Spice World and Carrie & Barry) tells them their vitals: oxygen holding, gravity normal. Rose looks around, asking Scooti what the storm's all about: "What is that, a hurricane?" Scotti (MyAnna Buring from The Descent) grins: "You'd need an atmosphere for a hurricane. There's no air out there. It's a complete vacuum." Rose asks what's shaking the roof, and Ida again wows that they don't know anything. "Well. Introductions. FYI, as they said in the olden days. I'm Ida Scott, science officer." She points at everybody and says their names again: "Zachary Cross Flane, Acting Captain, sir. You've met Mr. Jefferson: he's head of security. Danny Bartock. Ethics committee." Danny gets a little trickstery -- "Not as boring as it sounds!" -- and the Doctor and Rose grin at him. "And that man who just left, that was Toby Zed, archaeology." Putting her hands on Scooti's shoulders so we know she's adorable and doomed, Ida tenderly concludes, "And this is Scooti Manista. Trainee maintenance." Scooti smiles at Rose and the Doctor as Ida heads for a lever: "And this...this is home."

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