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by Angel Cohn April 15, 2010
The Karen Gillan Doctor Who Interview

TWoP: They are terrifying and have given me many sleepless nights.
Gillan: Yeah! I just thought that was a really clever idea. And [this season they have] made it into a two-parter. [They're] are even scarier this time.

TWoP: Amy reminds me a little bit of Gwen on Torchwood.
Gillan: Oh, really? I don't watch Torchwood, but I need to!

TWoP: I was just thinking that if they ever met, they'd be fun together. They both have a very accepting way of dealing with all these crazy things happening around them.
Gillan: That could be interesting! A little crossover! I didn't know that, but I'm going to go investigate that.

TWoP: How's working with Matt?
Gillan: It is so fantastic. It's quite crazy working with Matt, actually. You never know what's going to happen from one minute to the next, which is really great as an actor, because he keeps you on your toes. You just have to go with it! Each take is completely different with him, and even though he's off-camera, he sort of works hard to get reactions out of you. He's really generous in that way. We work really hard and just try to keep it alive with lots of energy. And we just have a laugh! It's so much fun.

TWoP: Can you ever see the Doctor and Amy as a couple, or do you think they're just sort of platonic friends?
Gillan: I think that they're just best friends. But I'm not ruling anything out, though I quite like them just being best friends. Though, there is a lot of romance in this season.

TWoP: Oh really?
Gillan: I'm gonna tease you.

TWoP: So are you working on anything else that we can see you in?
Gillan: No, because when you finish filming Doctor Who, there's a lot of stuff that goes after it; there's so much stuff to do, lots of promotion. And there's a game coming out, which is really exciting.

TWoP: What kind of game?
Gillan: A computer game. I don't know if it's coming out over in the US or just in the UK. Yeah, so that's really exciting. And for now, I'm still in Doctor Who mode.

TWoP: What would be your dream role after this?
Gillan: I'd love to do something [like] Trainspotting. And I'd like to do some theatre at some point. One of my favorite films is Little Shop of Horrors, so I'd love to do that, though I'd make a terrible Audrey -- I tend to murder songs. I love Little Shop of Horrors; it's got a dark side to it, so that's quite interesting.

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