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by Angel Cohn April 15, 2010
The Karen Gillan Doctor Who Interview

TWoP: Have you met any of the American Who fans yet?
Gillan: Well we had a screening [Monday] night, and they were one of the best audiences we'd had, genuinely. They were really supportive, and they were sort of applauding and stuff, which is really nice. And the Q&A with them was brilliant. We just didn't expect to have that sort of reception over here. It's a real boost, and you just want to get it out there for everyone.

TWoP: Are you having fun in New York?
Gillan: Yes! This is my first time in New York City, and I just keep walking around pretending I'm in Sex and the City.

TWoP: So has your mom seen the first episode yet? What does she think?
Gillan: She has! She loved it! And she's the one I was worried about.

TWoP: Yeah, you always have to worry about pleasing your mother.
Gillan: Exactly, and she's not just my mother, but a massive Whovian! So yeah, it passed the Mother Gillan test.

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