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Common People Like Me

So he does. I don't have it in me to be exhausted by this, not in such a well-formed episode. If that's the worst thing this episode shares with the others, that is fine. Kiss the girl, I don't care. God knows if boys didn't kiss girls all the time the world really would end. Just ask any boy.

So. Top floor's gone, and cuteness reigns: "So have we spoiled our friendship, then?" Totally ruined it. "And what about the monkeys?" Ah, who cares. They spin out every scene of the episode, between them: "I could see the point of Paris if you were there with me," more kissing, the Doctor being all appalled and the like. The usual stuff.

Before the Crack reappears behind Craig's refrigerator, before Amy and the Doctor go back through the story leaving themselves clues and rewriting wills for Mark, before Amy finds her engagement ring hidden in the Doctor's pocket, before the Cracks begin to open, before Silence and Song, before the Pandorica opens:

Craig grabs the Doctor before he can sneak away, and orders him to hold onto those keys. To have a home. Craig knows, has walked the ramparts and the hallways, Craig knows the Doctor won't come back.

It doesn't make a difference. That's not what home is for.

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