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Common People Like Me

It's like the sun coming out, it really is. Tighter writing, funnier gags... It's like a completely different show. Whoever wrote this, hold onto him. The Doctor tells Craig not to touch the rot, ever, and then takes his bluetooth elsewhere, to talk to Amy. So he's set that up at least. How much hopping about is there going to be? This could be delightfully complicated or delightfully simple.

Sophie, between the weirdness and the huge amounts of cash lying around, assumes that "the Doctor" is a drug dealer. Craig is only surprised by that because, as any good guest star on this show knows, once you trust the Doctor you don't go back. Outside, somebody else gets taken by the upstairs... Which the Doctor and Amy have figured out is the reason the TARDIS can't land: She can't quite become real, locked in a "materialization loop." Amy's like, "So go upstairs and sort it!" But it's not that obnoxious. I don't know how long all of this is taking -- the house keeps napping people and they keep yelling at each other over the earpiece as though it's one long conversation, but who knows. If Amy's really popping around up there they could be having this conversation upside down and backwards, right? Like "Blink," but as a neverending phone call.

Outside the room, Craig can only hear gibberish, thanks to the bluetooth, which is the only tech the Doctor can even use, including the sonic. So in addition to living in this random flat, he also has to be common people in other ways, like not having magic things all the time. "Arbuckle rare tarantula on the table," says the Doctor. "Practical eruption in chicken! Descartes Lombardy spiral!"

Amy laughs at him when he says all he's really gotta do is pass for an ordinary human being: "Have you seen you?" She starts in on the bowtie immediately, but you know that shit's not going to fly. I have the weirdest feeling that if she were being this aggressive and they were in the same room, I would find it insufferable, but something about the TARDIS going bonkers with her inside, all alone, makes her hardness sort of loveable. I mean, I guess it's the same rules as the Doctor's unrelenting oddball hysteria throughout this entire episode livable: It makes sense. And they're both so cute and it's so often hard to remember than when they're slogging through the more challenging episodes.

"Bow ties are cool. Come on, Amy, I'm a normal bloke! Tell me what normal blokes do." Telly, football, go down the pub. "I could do those things! I don't, but I could!" There are some matrixy hiccup moments and tiny time loops, but they don't really matter that much. Although given the nature of the thing upstairs, that seems like a clue as well. He tells her to keep an eye on "the zigzag plotter," but to pull it only when standing in a certain way, it's very esoteric and sort of lovely, as far as Amy learning to be a pilot. He steals out by night, bringing home garbage.

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