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Not as rough as the lady getting taken upstairs, of course, which is the cue for the Doctor's next temporal loop. He gets in the face of the -- What do you call the leader? The quarterback? The chief? Soccer Boss? -- quarterback and yells about how we are not "annihilating" anybody: "No violence, not while I'm around, not today, not ever. I'm the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm... And you meant beat them in a football match, didn't you?" Yeah. And he's down. But then a can of beer explodes in Craig's face, again and again and again, and the Doctor gets out of there so the loop will stop. Amy and the TARDIS vanish for a second and he can't hear her, which he believes suddenly means that the TARDIS has been "flung off into the Vortex," with Amy inside. "You mean that could actually happen? You have got to get me out of here!"

Craig asks the Doctor to get lost so he can reestablish his lack of a relationship with Sophie, but the Doctor doesn't get it/isn't interested, one or the other, and Craig thinks that he's got it down -- will be leaving -- but of course he's not. Fast forward a few and they've decided to stay on the couch, turn off their phones, the rest of it. Craig starts some kind of awkward conversation that Sophie can see barreling toward her from miles away though she's powerless to stop it... Then BOOM! The Doctor pops up from behind the couch and before you know it Sophie's invited him to stay in with them.

Sometime later the conversation has morphed from Sophie inviting him to shut Craig up into actually confiding in the Doctor, just like people always do. And by a stroke of luck, she's happened on his favorite subject: The indomitable human soul and free will and not being boring: "Because life can seem pointless, Doctor. Work, weekend, work, weekend. And there's six billion people on the planet doing pretty much the same." The Doctor mumbles to himself that watching the Craig & Sophie glacial mating dance makes him wonder where all those folks even came from, and then changes the subject before they can nail him on it.

"So, the call center. That's no good? What do you really want to do?" Work with animals. Like there was this orangutan sanctuary on telly that she loved, but -- as Craig almost smugly points out -- she's unqualified for that work. Just when you think it's going to some kind of dark codependent place where Craig might be subtly keeping her down, Sophie brings up the time Craig also refused a job elsewhere, in London. "I can't see the point of London!" he says. The Doctor has sort of had enough.

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