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The Re-Animated Corpse Of Anderson Cooper

Cathica is, meanwhile, getting all agitated with the Doctor, who is sonicking a door into the Satellite mainframe, while Rose keeps watch. "You're not allowed to touch the mainframe!" Cathica complains. "We'll get told off!" The Doctor tells Rose to tell Cathica to shut it, and Cathica calls him a vandal. "Someone's gonna notice!" she hisses. The Doctor wrenches the door open.

The Editor exclaims down at them on Floor 500. "I don't understand! ...That man was there when we found Suki Macrae Cantrell; there were no indications about him. And yet here he is!" The Editor kneels at Eva's side, now working a computer in the cold. He looks at her dead face: "Clearly acting outside the parameters. Fascinating." For an Editor, he thinks out loud a lot and doesn't seem to do a whole lot of work with the content. The demiurge roars, and he accedes to its will, and goes down along the line of zombies, asking for checks and double checks and triple checks and quadruple, and still the monster carries on.

The Doctor messes about with the mainframe, as Cathica continues to bitch, yet won't leave: "This is nothing to do with me; I'm going back to work." Cathica gets less than a step away before stopping, and the Doctor tells her good riddance, and she realizes that she can't leave them, and Rose says her one line of the episode, about how it's so super-hot there, and Cathica says that they "keep asking" but that it's "something to do with the turbine," and the Doctor makes fun of her for not using her brain and just accepting that it's something to do with the turbine, and generally this scene underscores everything we already know, but not irritatingly so. "I give up on you, Cathica. Now, Rose...look at Rose." Rose turns, smiling sweetly, still the favorite. "Rose is asking the right kind of questions." She grins and laughs, "Oh thank you," and the Doctor wonders again why it's so hot. Cathica points out that the Doctor is crazy, and that you're allowed to think the Empire is going to fall or you're allowed to worry about the central heating, but you can't worry about both. "Never underestimate plumbing," the Doctor says. "Plumbing's very important." He then rips out and snaps a giant bunch of wires and makes a silly, sheepish face, and instead of doing anything that adds character to her character, Cathica just exasperatedly sighs some more.

The computer tells the Editor that the security scan is complete: "He is no one." The Editor laughs. "He is no one." Fake ID? "He is no one." But the census is Empire-wide, and everybody's accounted for. "He is no one." So he doesn't exist? (He's a fictional problem?) "He is no one." And the blonde? "She is no one." For some reason, that tips it. "We all know what happens to non-entities. They get promoted." If you'd worked where I've worked in the past -- and, basically, I assume that you have -- you know why that's the funniest line in the entire series. The Editor puts his hand on a reportersicle's shoulder and tells it to bring them on up.

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