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The Long Game

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The Re-Animated Corpse Of Anderson Cooper

Cathica makes her decision and heads into the Floor 500 broadcasting room. She fully tosses the rotten corpse off the chair and sits down: "Disengage safety." An alarm goes off as the walls light up around her, and in another room, the Editor gets nervous. Cathica overrides Adam's room, and his spike disappears, the key drops to the floor. Cathica starts her own spike, and the Jagrafess begins to scream. "Who's that?!" screams the Editor. "It's Cathica! [Excellent Question!]" shouts Rose, and the Doctor rejoices that she's finally giving meaning to her information. The Editor tells Eva to terminate her access, as the Doctor laughs: "Everything I told her about Satellite Five! The pipes, the filters...she's reversing it! Look at that!" The icicles begin to melt, the heat begins to equalize, the cathode transmits its energy to the anode, and the picture starts to come in clear. The Editor, not getting anything worthwhile out of Eva, puts his hands over her cold, dead ones, and commands her: "Burn her mind." Can you imagine how that place is going to smell in a few minutes? Oy. "Oh no you don't," laughs Cathica. "You should've promoted me years back." I don't generally like the Schwarzenegger kiss-off, but she sells it well. All the screens explode, and the zombie journalists fall down all over the place, no more puppetry, and Satellite Five shakes and shudders, alarms everywhere, people running around crazily all over the place. Rose's shackles are undone. As they make for the downstairs, everyone is trying to get out of the upward heat-flow. The Editor pathetically tries to get the zombies back upright. "She's venting the heat up here," says the Doctor over the screams of that dying, tiny God. "The Jagrafess needs to stay cool, and now it's sitting on top of a volcano." Adam runs through the crowd outside.

The Editor tries to calm the Jagrafess down, as it screams and roars, complaining about how "impossible" it is for a "member of staff" to have "an idea." Got it, got it, got it. The Jagrafess roars angrily, terrified, as the Editor pushes Eva's body aside, and tries to use the computer by himself. Rose fumbles in the still-shackled Doctor's jacket pocket for his screwdriver, roared and snapped at by the beast all the while. The Doctor gives her the sonic information: "Flick the switch!" And she does, causing a small explosion nearby. As Adam pushes through the terrified crowd, and Cathica closes her eyes, Rose opens the Doctor's manacles, and he jumps free, laughing at the Editor as pieces of the Jagrafess start to fall from the ceiling. "See you in the headlines!" the Doctor shouts, and takes off. The Jagrafess begins to pulse, horrible and red, and the Editor finally snivels his resignation and turns to get the hell out of there. Eva grabs his ankle. That's my girl.

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