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The Re-Animated Corpse Of Anderson Cooper

...and out into Adam's living room, 2012. Rose follows them out and shuts the doors behind them. "It's my house! I'm home! Oh, my God, I'm home!" The Doctor glares, and Adam sighs: "Blimey. I thought you were going to chuck me out of an airlock." The Doctor gives him another chance to confess, and Adam declines, so the Doctor picks up that telephone we've been calling all night. "The archive of Satellite Five. One second of that message could've changed the world." Adam's eyes bug out, and the Doctor pulls his screwdriver. Adam almost tells him not to, thinks better of it, and watches the Doctor blow up the telephone. "That's it, then. See ya." Ooouch! Swing and a miss for the young rookie! Adam's like, "Say what?" and the Doctor clarifies: "As in 'Goodbye.'" Adam begs: "...What about me? You can't just go, I've got my head...I've got a chip Type Two! My head opens." And you know everything that's going to happen: the Doctor smiles not-so-humorously, and snaps his fingers -- "What, like this?" -- and the door opens, and Adam tells him to cut it out, and snaps it closed, and the Doctor does it again, and Adam gets madder and snaps it closed, and Rose tells the Doctor off, but just so she can snap it open herself after Adam politely thanks her for the support, and she and the Doctor laugh at him for being a jackhole. Adam lies he was "just trying to help," the Doctor points out that he was just helping himself, and Adam apologizes a hundred times and says that they can't leave him like this. "Yes I can, because if you show your head to anyone, they'll dissect you in seconds," says the Doctor. "You'll have to live a very quiet life. Keep out of trouble. Be average. Unseen." Anonymous, his secrets and his mind staying hidden. Karma, no? Adam's useless chip a hindrance, because he couldn't give meaning to the information. "Good luck." And Adam begs: "But I wanna come with you!" The Doctor: "I only take the best. I've got Rose." Fuck yeah.

Adam's mum comes in with groceries, happy to hear his voice -- she had no idea he was coming home from Utah -- and Rose watches Adam twist in his embarrassment, that tongue between her teeth. Adam begs Rose again to take him along, but she looks at him like he's no one, and gets onboard. Mum hears the TARDIS engines as they leave, but she's too excited about her son's homecoming, and doesn't think more: "Ah, let me look at you. Six months! It's like I saw you yesterday. Isn't it funny? The time goes by like that!" She snaps her fingers. Her jaw drops.

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