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The Re-Animated Corpse Of Anderson Cooper

The Editor on Suki: "Her information's been tampered with. There's a second biography hidden underneath." Something above roars. Like a lion, like a god. The Editor speaks up to it, in the ceiling, in the last place above Floor 500, with respect: "Yes, sir?" And it roars. "Absolutely, sir...her data was encrypted, so there's no way we could've found her sooner..." The creature is not happy; the Editor promises to do better, and leans into a journalist corpse: "Get her up here. Now."

On Floor 139, a projection comes up on the wall to the shouts of a loudspeaker: "Promotion!" Cathica starts whinging; it's her chance. She prays to God to make it her. "Come on, say my name," she murmurs, as our heroes stare at her. "Say my name, say my name..." Her prayers become pleas, become debasement, her eyes shut tight. When Cathica opens them, the screen's filled in the balance: "Promotion for...Suki Macrae Cantrell!" Suki's mouth drops open; Cathica's stomach drops out. "Please proceed to Floor 500." Suki stumbles about, and Cathica whines and bitches. Suki says that she only applied on the off-chance, but Cathica screeches that she's been applying for three years. Rose wonders what's so special about Floor 500. The Doctor: "...The walls are made of gold."

Suki says her goodbyes in the cantina, to a quiet Cathica, a bemused Rose, and the Doctor, whom she calls her "lucky charm." The Doctor grins: "All right! I'll hug anyone!" Suki giggles, Cathica stares elsewhere, and Rose comforts Adam, who's still wigging out about the "head thing." Rose: "Yeah, well? She's closed it now!" Adam has more of his "It's all so alien" moment, and begs for a moment to get his ass together. He says "acclimatize," which is British for "acclimate." Rose kind of gets it, as Adam suggests maybe sitting around on the observation deck from the beginning: "You know, pretend I'm a citizen of the year 200,000." She offers to go with him, and for some reason he's not interested -- throws a little shade in the direction of her relationship with the Doctor, to throw her off track, in fact. "You'd rather be with him," Adam says, and there's an awkward pause, because...duh. "It's gonna take a better man than me [sic] to get between you two." (Hee, hee. It will! Adam could frankly be a little more sonic.) He takes off, and Rose slips him the TARDIS key, "in case it gets a bit too much." Adam laughs, because it's also totally weird inside the TARDIS, and takes off, giggling creepily as he goes.

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