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The Re-Animated Corpse Of Anderson Cooper

Suki breathlessly takes to the elevator, lovingly shouting her goodbyes. The Doctor and Rose wave goodbye, and Cathica sourly mumbles, "Good riddance." The Doctor wonders why she's talking like she'll never see Suki again, and Cathica explains: "Once you go to Floor 500, you never come back." Creepy. The Doctor stares at the closed doors, and inside, Suki zooms up toward Floor 500.

Commercial. The Doctor and Rose follow Cathica through the bazaar, the Doctor asking Cathica whether she's ever been up there, even though she just said you never come back. "You need a key for the lift, and you only get a key with promotion," she says, I guess trying a different rhetorical track since he didn't get it the first time.

Suki paces around the elevator nervously, and finally reaches Floor 500. She steps out into frost and snow on the floors, and snow falling from the ceiling. She grabs her bag and exits the elevator, looking around nervously as the doors shut behind her. She can't get them open. Interesting. She seemed down with the company line, although not as crazy much as Cathica. Suki takes out a flashlight, and walks out into the complex. Herky-jerky scary old-time Doctor Who camera-shakes accompany her; she hears a noise in a side room and slowly enters. It's snowy, but recognizable as one of the broadcast rooms where they do the brain spike thing. The chair in the middle reveals a rotting corpse. Gross. There are corpses all around the room, actually; eight like in the usual ceremony. She backs out of the room, totally freaked out, and a door opens somewhere, casting a shaft of light onto the floor.

Suki follows the light to an open door, and sees the Editor surrounded by his journalist zombies, still working without moving. He waves to her and smiles, and she puts her flashlight back in her bag. "Who're you?" Suki asks, and he welcomes her. Suki: "What's happening? There are...bodies out there. What's going on?" The Editor, at first businesslike and sad, shading toward hardness at the end of the sentence: "Well, while we're asking questions, would you please confirm your name." He snaps his fingers, and a projection of Suki appears on the wall. "My name is Suki Macrae Cantrell. I was born 199'89 in the Independent Republic of Morocco..." "Liar," says the Editor. Suki looks at him. There's something in her, something in her eyes, like maybe she's lying, after all. Interesting. "Hobbies include reading and archeology," screen-Suki continues. "I'm not an expert or anything, I just like digging." The Editor raises his voice: "Liar!" (But that part's true, isn't it. Sophia likes to dig. Myth's first journalist.) The Editor snaps his fingers, and the video jumps forward: "I want to work for Satellite Five because my sister can't afford university --" He shakes his head at her. "-- And the pay scheme is really good..." He's almost screaming now: "Liar!" She stares at him. She's not Suki anymore.

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