Mine Goes to Eleven

by Angel Cohn April 15, 2010
The Matt Smith Doctor Who Interview Smith: It's really different. I can tell you that he's a gay man, the man that I'm going to play. It's really different, and I can't wait to start. But I mostly want to get back into playing Doctor again.

TWoP: Anything special this season we should look forward to?
Smith: We've got some great stories coming up about vampires. I saw the finale the other day, and it's the best thing Steven's ever written. I think it's the best.

TWoP: That's a bold claim.
Smith: He would say the same. In fact, we had this conversation the other night, and I say this, and it sounds like we're blowing our own trumpet, but it's the best bit of TV I've seen in a long time. Like 12 and 13 are brilliant. They make episode 1 that we've just done look like Mickey Mouse. I don't know how he does it. You watch 12 and you think, there's no way they can tie this up.

TWoP: So Cybermen or Daleks, which do you prefer?
Smith: Ohhhh. Well, which ones would I rather fight least, or which ones do I just like?

TWoP: Which do you like the most? Personally, I've always liked the Daleks, but there are some very big Cybermen fans out there.
Smith: Oh, I like the Daleks. I like the Cybermen in "Tomb of the Cybermen." We've got a Dalek episode this year. It's really interesting. I can't really give too much away.

TWoP: Don't tell us too much!
Smith: [Laughs] You are gonna be surprised! You really are.

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