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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

Jack gets his men ready, male programmer and lady programmer and the PA: "Stand your ground, everyone. Follow my commands. And good luck." Everybody gets ready, as over in the observation gallery, Lynda notes that Jack was right: they're coming in on 494. The Doctor works and works at a fever pitch -- what's he actually doing? -- and the Gamestation shakes a bit. The strandees on Floor Zero all look up, scared, and on 494, the Daleks arrive in formation.

Rose and Mickey are inside the TARDIS. Rose is babbling that she just needs to kick it into reverse. Against Mickey's protests, she tells him that the TARDIS is alive, telepathic: "It can listen." He says that it's "not listening now," which made me laugh, and Rose reminds him that the thing opened up for MI-5 Margaret that time. (You would not believe the profanities that came out of my mouth when Rose started talking about this. It was like a kiss from Captain Jack Harkness, only it was somehow Russell T. Davies instead, like, with transatlantic mind powers. Which was damn sporting of him, considering half these recaps have amounted to me shaking my little fist at the screen yelling, "Go home, old man! Kids hate the environment now! No future!")

Rose: "There was this light, and the Doctor said it was the heart of the TARDIS. If we can open it, we can make contact. I can tell it what to do!" Mickey pisses on the suicidal parade, as per usual, but Rose is adament: "That's a risk I've gotta take. 'Cause there's nothing left for me here." And Mickey confirms that with her -- "Nothing?" -- which is wonderful on all cylinders. I've hated her for this, and I've hated him for this, but they finally got it right: you gotta rip that Band-Aid the hell off. And Mickey gets very stern and very beautiful, very quickly: "Okay, if that's what you think, let's get this thing open."

Lynda monitors the Dalek's progress, telling Jack where they are, and Jack activates the Gamestation lasers ("Slice 'em up."), and something beeps. "Defenses have gone offline," Lynda says with hesitation: "The Daleks have overridden the lock." Daleks move down the corridor, smooth and scary. I cannot even believe how scary the Daleks are. It's so stupid! But terrifying, they are. I guess I like this show, you guys. The volunteers get ready, and when the Daleks come they start shooting. And there's no effect. The PA lady from Weakest Link screams over the guns: "You lied to me! The bullets don't work!" Is this a "keep fighting" thing? Did Jack really lie? I don't get that. Her bravery was enough, and they even referenced the bastic bullets and everything. I mean, my assumption is that they had no reason to think the bullets wouldn't work, but that line of dialogue niggles. But she keeps shooting anyway, and the Daleks keep coming, and then the PA lady is exterminated. The second hero in at least a hundred years.

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