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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

Mickey sits in his Beetle, revving hard, and we follow it back to the thick chain attached to the back, which leads into the TARDIS, where Rose is standing, yelling "Faster!" Now, I don't know for sure, but considering how much reverence the TARDIS is due, this seems like a really bad idea. Drugs in a Prada handbag again, you know? You don't slap the oracle around, you just give her more dope. There's a system here. Smoke comes out of the car, but the console won't budge, and Mickey's wheels are spinning, and finally the chain just snaps. Well, good. That was a dumb, gross, vulgar idea. Rose compounds the offense by smacking hell out of the TARDIS console, and then drops to lean on it, head down.

Lynda notifies the defense team that the Daleks are now on 495. Jack smiles and tells the Doctor that's cool: "I like 495." Me too. The Daleks come around the corner and start yelling at the figure standing there. "Identify yourself!" But it's the Anne Droid! And she's all, "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!" That's gorgeous. I love Jack's sense of humor. She takes all three of them down, and Jack does the stupid fist pump, but it's so, so good. You know I like Anne Robinson: I like that she got to be a hero. But you know what happens to them. The next Dalek around doesn't wait for her speech and just blows her head off. "...Goodbye," says her head. The Daleks announce their intentions, as they do, and proceed to the next level.

Lynda watches the Daleks flying up the ventilation shafts on her board, then realizes that they're heading downward. She doesn't figure it out immediately, but that feeling in your stomach sure does. The Daleks flood out of the doors on Floor Zero, and start exterminating the veal left and right. It's a horrible scene, lots of zapping and people dying and not knowing why, and all the time with the "Exterminate!" A Dalek closes in on Rodrick, and he challenges his right to exist: "It's not fair! I won the game! I should be rich! I'm a winner, you can't do this to me!" Just sympathy, now. He's an asshole in exactly the same way Cathica was: she might as well have created him. Maybe she did.

Lynda listens to the screaming of Floor Zero, horrified, and eventually turns it off. (And how cool is it that out of "nowhere" she can't even handle hearing the contestants dying anymore? Well done, Doctor.) She fights back her tears and opens the intercom to Jack: "Floor Zero. They killed them all." She begins to sob. Given that her character has now gone through an entire arc in like ten scenes, she might as well drop dead now. Which I'm sure she will, but still: nice.

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