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The Parting Of The Ways (2)

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All The Umbrellas In London

Mickey and Rose lean on the Beetle and look at the TARDIS, and now it's good old Mickey refusing to wave the flag: "There's gotta be something else we can do." Rose is like, "My dad died, the Doctor died, Jack's about to die, my dog died, my cat died...." But Mickey's not having her leaving the TARDIS on a street corner -- he understands love: "I'm not having you just -- just give up now. No way. We just need something stronger than my car. Something bigger. Something like that." And right on cue, there's the roar of an engine, and behind them they see a huge tow truck. And in the driver's seat is Jackie, and if you're wearing my emo/overanalysis glasses, you can see Peter Tyler sitting next to her, and that's how you know this is going to work: it's always love that gets you in.

And the truck is painted, if you weren't sure, with what I'm sure is a fairly common phrase in the UK but means nothing here: "Rescue & Recovery." I had a huge "healing of Albion" thing to say here, but screw it. You know the drill: he's a Doctor, they go to the Hospital, Jackie's doing Rescue-Recovery. Jackie jumps out and spits dialogue at them like usual, just amazing, and tells them they only have the use of it until 6:00. "Mum!" Rose laughs. "Where the hell did you get that from?" And Jackie tells Rose its from a fellow named Rodrigo, who owes Jackie a favor, "never mind why," which -- I mean, I love Jackie Tyler. She will get some shit done. Jackie tells Rose, "You were right about your dad, sweetheart. He was full of mad ideas, and this is exactly what he would've done. Now, get on with it before I change my mind." It's not vulgar anymore. It's just wonderful.

Less so: the doors slide open on Captain Jack's barricade and the Daleks begin to advance. The Doctor listens to the defense team shooting as he dashes around (Again: what is he actually doing? The Earth IS DONE. Is he going to blow up the Station now, too?) There's lots of shooting, lots of it, and at some point somebody clips a Dalek so that he says something hilariously out of character (God did a crappy job eliminating the humanity from his angels, I think is the point): "My vision is impaired! I cannot see!" The lady programmer cheers at this minor victory, and goes down. The male programmer gets amped and starts shooting madly, and he soon falls, too. Jack is made of rage.

Lynda's computer beeps at her, and she calls to Jack about a problem with things, but there's no answer. Outside the door -- so effin' creepy -- a Dalek says, "Human female detected." They're so crazy sounding I feel like I should have a billion exclamation points or something. It's completely silent inside, where Lynda whispers that she's been found. "You'll be alright, Lynda," promises the Doctor. "That side of the station's reinforced against meteors." Lynda cracks a Maiden Britain kind of joke about Earth workmanship, only I can actually understand when she talks, and outside, one of the Daleks produces a blowtorch and starts to cut through. She stares at the door for a bit, then feels something behind her, and turns around. Daleks float up outside the glass of the observation window, immensely fearsome, and the head Dalek flashes his headlights, like he's saying a word, and then blasts the window open. And upstairs, the Doctor hears Lynda screaming.

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